Thursday, September 15, 2016

Falling is Getting Closer!

I can feel it in the air!  It has been a bit cooler in the mornings although it is still summer in the afternoons!  We had a bit of rain this evening with lots of lightening.  I don't like driving in the rain but I love sleeping in the rain so I am ready for some over night showers.

I have been having some problems with my feet.  I think I might have hurt them while exercising but not sure, it might have been from some shoes I was wearing.  At any rate, about three weeks ago I noticed my right ankle started feeling like it was sprained.  Well, it kept on and then it just started swelling.  And it hurt.  My entire foot hurt.  I could touch my toes with my other foot and it hurt all the way up my ankle.  We went to San Antonio and walked all over and it just got worse -- what a surprise.  So, finally I decided to rub it with some Absorbine, Jr.  Remember Absorbine, Jr?  Well, it worked!  No more swelling and the pain is almost completely gone.  It still hurts but I haven't worn the offending shoes anymore (bye bye $125) and I bought some new shoes.

I bought some Tieks!  You know, those cute little ballet flats with the ridiculous price tag?  It took everything I had to order these shoes because I just don't spend money recklessly.  I am very judicious when I shop and I rarely buy anything that isn't on sale.  I buy basic stuff and don't replace things very often.  But......I had to try these shoes. 

My feet have been miserable for a long time and I finally figured out why.  When being sized I am right on the line between two sizes.  Vanity always causes me to buy the smaller and I think that is a mistake.  I also require "wides" -- on my right foot.  So, I buy wides and the left foot swims in my shoes.  Not much can be done about that.  However, I have high arches and every time I try to buy trainers or any sort of lace up shoe I just about go crazy until I get them off.  They are just plain uncomfortable.  One night it dawned on me that I remember a conversation with my mother about my father's feet.  He always had to wear slip on shoes because he couldn't stand lace up shoes because of his high arches -- problem explained -- I have my father's feet. 

So, between wide feet, high arches and vanity I have a shoe problem.  I have one pair of shoes from SAS Shoes that work pretty well --  they have a wide toe box which accommodates the wide feet (Flintstone feet, I like to call them) but they go across the top of my foot and that is annoying.  So......

I am hoping that these little ballet flats with the ridiculous price tag makes my feet happy.  I started to say "my little feet" but that would have just been wrong on so many levels.  There isn't much shoe to them, no support and no padding but there are also no straps, ties, high sides, etc.  I mean, something has to work doesn't it?

I clearly was meant to be barefoot. Like the Flintstones.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hello, anybody out there?

I can't believe it has been a month since I have been here.  Reading blogs is one of my favorite things and writing one is therapeutic.  I can't believe I have been away for so long.

So, what have I been doing?  Well, I have dabbled in cardmaking which is a wonderful activity.  I will continue with it although I am sure none of my cards will ever come up to the standards of those I see on a couple of the Facebook groups.  They are lovely, indeed. 

I have also been busy with Girl Scouts, getting ready for the meetings and crafts and such.  Seems that the crafts have become my territory and that is fine, I like projects.  Also, we are back in the routine of after-school pick up for my granddaughter and a bit of babysitting after school.

Then, a week ago my mother in law fell and broke her hip requiring surgery.  We were told of the possible complications of a 94 year old having to go through surgery and she experienced all of them.  She is tough though and came out alive and well on the other side and is now in a skilled nursing facility for some mild rehab before returning to her apartment.  She isn't happy.  I hope that improves.

The weather is sort of changing -- we have had several days in the 80's and then it shoots right back up to the 90's.  I am sort of tired of the 90's now.  I need a little of that crisp, cool air.  I would like to open my house up and let it air out without the pollen and yucky air blowing through.  I just might do that over the weekend.

So, anyway, there isn't much going on that is blog worthy.  Hopefully I can get my routine back together and get back to my blogging.  And reading.  I haven't been reading much lately and I miss that.  Such an escape.  I need to work on that. 

Anyway, just checking in -- hopefully there won't be another month between posts.