Saturday, January 02, 2016

January's Thoughts Lean Toward

Resolutions -- you thought I was going to say resolutions, didn't you?  Well, I guess that is what most people think of -- losing weight, being a better person, making more money.  No, that isn't what I am thinking about.  I am thinking about sheets and white sales.

One of the sets of sheets I have for our bed is terrible.  There is just no other way to put it.  They are thick and heavy -- some ridiculous thread count and I think their purpose would be better served as a drop cloth for painting.  So, I decided I needed to find those sheets another home (Goodwill) and procure another set for my bed so I got to thinking about the sheets of my youth.

Our sheets were always white.  They were fairly heavy but they breathed.  They were cool.  I especially remember the sheets on my grandmother's bed.  They were soft and substantial and cool.  I remember my grandmother (who could be a little snooty when she wanted to be) always said to never buy muslin sheets, they were awful -- you should always buy percale.

So, I decided to look at some nice percale sheets available online.  Coyuchi I think was the name.  They were lovely.  Then I looked at the price and they immediately lost a bit of their luster.  So I went across the street to Target to look at what they had to offer.  They had percale but the sample felt like plastic.  I just couldn't get my head around these new percale sheets feeling like the sheets of my youth.  However, I did find some "organic" sheets that felt closer to what I was looking for.  I did the brave thing and bought them.  Brought them home, washed them, put them on the bed and was very glad to discover that they were quite close to what I remember the sheets feeling like when I was a kid.  I am thrilled.  Now, if Target has a good white sale, I might buy a set of the percale to see what they feel like but right now I am really pleased with my purchase.

This is the first step in my Marie Kondo attack on my house.  My linen closets.  No more towels or sheets that are old, don't match, don't have a complete set -- whatever.  The next thing on that similar list is cup towels. I asked my husband how many cup towels a self respecting home should have and he said four -- two in use and two in the drawer.  I think that is just a tad sparse but I am going to narrow down my two drawers full of cup towels to probably just a half dozen.  It is two of us here, I don't think we need more.

It will probably take me until next New Years to accomplish this but I am going to declutter every nook and cranny in this house -- starting with the linen closets -- it looks so nice to open the door and have my sheets in nice stacks all straightened up.  I feel so accomplished.

I hope I can keep up the momentum!