Friday, January 08, 2016

Moving Day

Not for me but for my mother in law.  Several months ago my MIL got sick. All manner of tests were done to no avail.  She was on the decline -- "adult failure to thrive" was the diagnosis.  She was hospitalized with malnutrition and dehydration -- not something you would expect to see in a first world woman of above average means. 

It seems she was just quitting.  Everything.  Including eating and drinking. 

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas she was hospitalized twice in a week.  At the end of the second stay she was being released and wanted to go home but the closer it got to actually going home she was having doubts so the doctor arranged for a three week stay at a nearby rehabilitation center.  While there we broached the subject of her moving from her apartment in an independent living retirement facility to an assisted living apartment in the same place.  It is a new wing -- all shiny and bright -- and she agreed completely.  She even asked if we could make it happen before she was released from rehab so she could just go to the new place.

So, for the last three weeks my husband has been jumping through hoops to make this happen.  The new apartment has been chosen and secured.  We have two old men (my husband and brother-in-law) and one old, decrepit lady (me) to help and we have a day planned for sure.  Hopefully this will be mostly taken care of today and tomorrow to be finished up on Sunday.  Looking for MIL's release from rehab to be Monday or Tuesday. 

If you don't hear from me in a couple of days just check at the rehab -- after all this moving I might be occupying the room that is going to be available.