Saturday, January 09, 2016

Oh My Goodness --

Moving Day 2

Oh my gosh -- I am so tired.  I wish we had had more time for all of this -- it is more than a two day job.  Going through another person's belongings is a difficult process -- especially since the person is still living and is probably not going to be happy about all the changes although she asked for all the changes.

This move is going to be better for my mother in law but I am afraid that we are all going to be in deep you-know-what when she can't locate all her stuff that just isn't in her possession anymore.  I know we are going to go through that awkward period when she is angry with us for doing what she asked us to do.

This is definitely one of those "can't win for losing" times.


Moving Day 1

Clearly I survived the first day of moving.  The day was spent moving the large pieces of furniture that were to go to the new apartment.  A few smaller things were moved but the bulk of the day was spent with the big stuff.

The day started roughly at 8 a.m. and ended about 13 hours later with lunch and dinner breaks.  My main job was to observe so that nobody got hurt.  I mean, after all, these guys (my husband and brother-in-law) aren't teenagers anymore -- just sayin'.  You wouldn't think that moving things across the parking lot would be so tiring.  Well, it is.

Today we face the hard part -- trying to figure out how to pare down clothing and sort paperwork and stuff like that.  MIL doesn't have a full kitchen in the new place so kitchen stuff will be minimal -- some plates, glasses, cups and bowls.  A bit of silverware, a couple of cup towels.  And the microwave.  Can't forget the microwave.

I have done pretty well until last night.  I had a totally freaked out episode, almost a toddler melt down and all over a pair of tweezers.  My MIL had been pounding into my head to get a small dish with a special pair of tweezers.  I don't see anything special about these tweezers but beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.  So, my last trip from Apt. 1 to Apt. 2 I decided to just grab the dish and hand carry it over.  All was good until I got into the elevator with two ladies on scooters and one bumped me and sent the tweezers flying.  I just knew they fell through the gap down the elevator shaft.  I went back to each floor just to check and by this time I was having a fit.  I got to Apt. 2 and my partners in crime tried to calm me down but I was frantic.  This was the ONE thing my MIL said we had to get without doubt! So, I dumped out my purse and by golly those tweezers never hit the floor but ended up in my purse.  I couldn't believe it! After that incident, I was done and just need my bed and a nice cuppa.

So, today we start again.  Yay!

I am just glad I wasn't a part of MIL's move from SA to FT. W 7 years ago when she broke up housekeeping in the house she had lived in since 1953.  From what I understand, that purging was a bear!  I am just glad I had to deal with tweezers.