Sunday, February 21, 2016

This 'n That and Monkey and Dog

This weekend -- beginning on Thursday -- has been busy and yet not busy.  It was a good mix of the two.

 Bean didn't have school on Friday so we were scheduled to babysit.  However, I had another plan.  I decided we would pick her up from school as usual, take her to her doctor's appointment and then bring her home for the night rather than us getting up at dawn and driving to her house.  She loves to come here because I make her chocolate chip pancakes. 

my assistant reading me the recipe and that is Scout, her Daisy troop Bear that goes on adventures with the girls.

enjoying the fruits of our labor and yes, that is the Christmas village you see in the background -- I can't talk about it

Yum on the griddle
Then, after breakfast was consumed and the kitchen put in order we went to one of the most magical places I know of.  It is an independent bookstore called Monkey and Dog.  It is owned and operated by Shelley Lowe, a friend from church and it is housed in the corner of a catering business called Feastivities owned by Charissa Christopher, also a church friend.

Monkey and Dog is just delightful -- it is a bookstore solely dedicated to children's  books and there is a huge variety of books to be explored --- some even from my childhood days.  We spent a large chunk of the morning there and Bean didn't want to leave -- I can't say I blame her -- I was enjoying the cozy lounge chair and all the books that I would have loved to have taken home with me.

The cozy lounge chair with Gramps trying to stay out of the photo! Gotcha Gramps!

Just look at that assortment of books!

So charming!

Fantastic find!

More for the collection of Magic Tree House books

And for my personal library -- I have started reading it and it is just magical

So, after we finally pried B away from the bookstore we headed to Zeeba's to get her bangs trimmed.  Thanks, sweet Falan for being so accommodating!

B loves to sweep the floor because Falan has this really cool machine that you sweep the cut hair up to it and turn it on and it sucks the hair right in! B loves it and Falan doesn't mind letting her take care of that little business for her!

Then it was home for a nap -- yes, there is a real bed for her to sleep in but nothing quite like improvisation, is there?  Who knows, next trip over she might just sleep here.

And then a quick go at this game.

 It is fun but you really need to be in good light because the cards are so dark.  I have been looking for pick up sticks but there are none to be found so I will have to order them online.  Ugh.

That was all we had time for since Mom and Dad were picking her up after dinner.  They were going on a short road trip yesterday and today so she had to get home to get ready.  After all that activity, I needed to rest a bit but it was such good fun!

This morning I had a look around my house to see what needed tidying up and I realized that I hadn't been outdoors in a few days to see what this lovely spring-like weather is doing to the garden.  So, I decided to share a few snaps with you of the garden and some other things around here.

I have no clue what this is -- a weed I think -- but it has lovely purple flowers on it.

The Redbud tree coming out -- pretty pink blossoms -- more photos when they open up

A lap quilt I made lest you think all I do is read and blog

a really cute bottle I purchased for my homemade deodorant --yes I don't use commercial deodorant

my new obsession -- flavored water -- isn't it pretty?  Cucumbers, lemons, strawberries and mint

Hubs and his latest project -- a second tv antenna for the tv in the bedroom

And this is something I am looking to buy --

It is on sale and it folds up.  I have a Tony Little Gazelle but Hubs uses it and it just about kills my knee so I thought I would buy this and we could exercise together in front of the tv with the new antenna! Sounds like a plan, don't you think?

Starting Over Sunday

Wow, it is Sunday again! The time is really flying by and, since we have opted out of winter this year, it seems like we are just racing toward summer! I can handle summer.  Just not mosquitoes.  But, the mosquitoes haven't gone away anyway so I am not going to let that to deter me from enjoying this really, really early spring.

So, this last week I made an effort to try some new things, tweak some old things and see what worked and what didn't.  So, here is what I learned...

After 43 years of marriage I have finally conquered the laundry.  My new approach has been working well -- washing each and every day and smaller loads.  I am finding that if I do smaller loads I can get them done and put away and it is much preferable to staring into the "face" of a pile of laundry  that consists of everything we own.  So, this approach is a keeper.

I have not conquered emptying the dishwasher at night but I have managed to get it emptied in the morning and just fill it during the day.  I have also learned that a sink full of hot water at the ready makes it very easy to quickly wash things as you use them.  I know it sounds ridiculous to say these things -- a mature woman who has been keeping house for a LONG time but some things are not easily disciplined.  I had a perfectly good role model in my mother.  She never had a dishwasher but she wasn't one to let things sit around either -- those dishes were washed immediately after use and the light turned off in the kitchen -- there was no revolving door like in our house.  But, anyway, I have pretty much conquered the kitchen "issue".  Next I am going to try to cook without using every dish/pot/pan in the kitchen! That sounds like a challenge, doesn't it?

I am loving my Bona floor system (no, not getting paid to say that) and I have also learned that I don't have to mop the entire house at once even though it is a large, flowing expanse of solid flooring.  I can do it in sections and that is fine.  So, that is a new "tweak" and it is working.

These things have made my life easier.  I am the sort that can't play until the chores are done and that breeds lots of contempt for the chores when you can't get them done in a timely manner.  With my new approach, I feel like I am giving myself permission to read or sew or quilt or whatever and I am still getting stuff done.  It is amazing how quickly these chores really take when you just get up and do them.  Duh.

I guess we are never too old to learn!