Monday, February 29, 2016

Brief Break

Hi! It is February 29th! Leap Year! Leap Day! If I had been born two years later I would only be 16 1/2 years old! Golly that sounds great, doesn't it.  Well, I bet I would still be cripping around like the 66 year old I actually am.  It doesn't matter, it is a beautiful day and I feel fantastic and all is well in my world!

My posts, however, are going to be non-existent, sporadic or very short for the next few days.  I am helping my daughter this week and time (and energy) will be at a premium so I might not be able to get back here right away. 

At any rate, it is temporary and I will be back with all sorts of interesting (yeah right) things to say and photos to share!

So, see you later alligator!