Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Politics -- Yuck

I am not a political person even if I was born into a political family.  My father was a newscaster so he was always watching/listening to/reading about current events.  He was an outspoken guy with lots of opinions and wasn't above spitting and sputtering and raving and ranting and using a bit of salty language when the world of politics wasn't going his way.

I wasn't interested.

I am still not.

I am religious.  I feel like all the answers are in The Word.  However, I do live in this world so I can't avoid the all-encompassing politics.

This political season has been especially nasty even though it has been entertaining.  Now, as things are winding down, I am finding it to be very troubling and a bit sinister.

We have it down to five candidates -- Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, John Kasich, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump.  I am not sure about any of them.

Bernie Sanders is just an old hippie hanging on to his socialist agenda from the 60's.  He does seem to be finding a following with the young people but since I was a teenager in the 60's he is just making me feel old.  For the record -- I was never a "hippie"-- my hair wouldn't grow long enough and my parents weren't impressed with the movement so that took care of that.

Hillary Clinton is -- well -- Hillary Clinton.  I feel that her presidency would just be in extension of her husband's presidency or her BFF PresBo's presidency.  We need to ask ourselves if we want more of the same or something different.

John Kasich -- He seems to be the adult on the stage.  He seems low key and he seems to make sense.  However, he doesn't seem to be gaining much ground and I have to wonder why he is still in the game.  Would he be the best man for the job?  Possibly but he doesn't have much of a following.

Donald Trump -- well, I don't need to say much here, do I?  Flamboyant? Crass? Crude? Politically incorrect or just correct?  Knowledgeable or not?  I am not sure but he certainly is stirring the pot.

Ted Cruz -- ok, this is where the sinister part comes into it.  I heard some tv-speak this morning about how the whistle is going to be blown on his wife -- her antics exposed.  I couldn't even tell you what the woman looks like so I decided to do a little Google search.  Well, well, well.  Seems as though Mrs. Cruz and her hubby are in favor of a one world government and have worked toward it.

Whoaaaaa! Putting on the brakes! One World Government?  I remember doing a lot of reading about that as well as the New Age Movement back when my children were in elementary school back in the late 70's and early 80's.  New Age agendas were alive and well and plaited into public school curriculum all over the place.  The more I read back then, the more frightened I became.  My children were removed from public school and life went on.  I sort of forgot about the One World Government and the New Age Movement.  It sort of disappeared into the woodwork as my life moved forward.

However, like lots of things, even though it is undercover doesn't mean it is gone.  So, here it is, resurrected and rearing it's ugly head.

People need to read and do their research and draw their own conclusions.  This has gone from entertaining and mildly comical to really serious business. 
We need to thoroughly vet out candidates and their families so we can know what they really stand for.  I have seen Cruz stand there, Bible raised in the air sounding more like a southern preacher than a presidential candidate but is that just a ruse?  Is he telling the truth?  I won't even bring up the birther issue here -- his association with this new age, one world order community is a lot more important to me than his mother's birthplace. 

Read people, read.  Research.  Some of it will be inaccurate but read it anyway.  The truth will suss out.  This election is probably more important than any in my lifetime.  We should approach it with knowledge and make our choices appropriately.

Just sayin'.  Off the soap box now.