Thursday, March 24, 2016

I Knew This Day Would Come

When technology first became part of our lives I was skeptical.  I remember my husband and son buying our first computer.  There was no internet.  I had no interest.

Then, we moved and home computers were common -- or more so at least.  I wanted one in the worst way.  We bought one, obtained internet access and I never looked back.  It was like a whole new existence.

Then came things like video games and then tablets, smart phones and e-readers.  I loved it.  I stayed away from smart phones because of the radiation -- however, I now have one but don't have a data plan.  I just wanted a bigger screen.  I have had every generation of Nook that has been manufactured.

The Nook is a source of aggravation to my daughter and I understand completely.  Bean loves it but my daughter is concerned about radiation emission.  So, we have had to cut Bean off and really limit her time with the device.  I was allowing her to play yesterday and she wanted to buy a new game.  She is really "into" these animal simulation games and I find them to be disturbing.  However, we were trying to install one and it wouldn't install.  It kept saying that there was no resource.  She cried.  I was frustrated.  I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong -- this wasn't rocket science.

I came home last night and did a bit of research as to why I couldn't get anything to work.  There is was -- without one bit of fanfare or advanced warning -- Barnes and Noble has ended their app and video store.  It ended a couple of weeks ago. They also ended the ability to connect to Google Play. I received no emails or advanced notice.  It just isn't there anymore.  One article said that they would only have books and that could cease to be as well. I wonder if, after putting everybody else out of business, B&N is going to cease to be as well.

So, slowly but surely my devices are becoming obsolete.  I found a way to download the games -- through the internet and google play.  I downloaded a couple of games -- PacMan and something where the chicken has to cross the road without getting run over.   However, I believe we are going to start backing out as well.  I have an ipad which the kiddo can't play with.  I have been giving thought as to whether I want to buy a kindle in case the powers that be decide they just want to do away with the Nook altogether which I guess will be the case or if I just want to go old school -- you know, real books, crossword puzzle books -- that sort of thing.

Bean is going to have to face the music.  Her days are numbered on devices.  Her mother will be happy.  She will not.  However, it will be better for her as there are so many health concerns surrounding the use of such devices.

I just wish they would have told us.  Nothing quite as unsettling as a Nona that can't come through.

Sheesh -- what are these people thinking.