Tuesday, April 05, 2016

I Can't Believe --

it has been so long since my last post! I can't even tell you what I have been doing really -- nothing particularly blog worthy for sure -- but the time has just escaped me.

Let's see -- my last post was raving about technology and I am still raving about technology.  I think my computer is going to give up the ghost soon and I am not sure about a replacement.  I have a little 10" netbook and those seem to be going the way of the dinosaurs.  We don't run Windows as my husband prefers Linux so we have Ubuntu installed on everything so I will need to find a replacement that he can make the change to.  Or I can by one already loaded with Ubuntu but it is a larger laptop and I am not sure I like that.  I am very used to sitting with my little computer on my lap in front of the television -- talk about the extreme of laziness!  So, I might would have to go to my desk which is ok -- I can still see the television! Ha! I am such a sloth.  So, anyway, I am sure that computer hunting is in my future.

What else -- oh yes, Easter.  We had a very lovely Easter.  The weather was a little cool but that is the norm here in TX.  We hosted dinner on Easter evening -- ham, potato salad, beans, cole slaw and cupcakes.  We had a houseful -- mother in law, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law and my four grandblessings.  My son was under the weather so he stayed home for some much needed sleep and I don't begrudge him of that at all.  Nathan busied himself on the computer with Gramps teaching him to play Sudoku.  Kathryn was busy doing some art and Emily was content to dump out the box of crayons and carefully put them all back in the box, just to do it again.  It was fun to watch her because it was such SERIOUS BUSINESS!   Bean had a wonderful time hunting eggs at church and was also involved in doing some art work before dinner.  It was a wonderful evening -- I can never get enough of the the babies even though they are ceasing to be babies at an alarming rate.

We also had to get the car repaired from the lady down the road running into us when she ran the stop sign at the entry of our neighborhood.  We live in a gated community (mixed feelings about this) and when the gate opens there is a stop sign which absolutely nobody pays any attention to.  So, she just ran it and didn't stop until she made contact with us.  She is VERY elderly and drives this BIG red cadillac that I don't think she can see over the steering wheel and she wasn't driving slowly -- she moved our whole car.  So, we had to get that fixed and we had a loaner -- a very large, very uncomfortable Tahoe.  Now my husband is on a big truck kick.  He has a small truck, one that doesn't require a step stool to get into, but he is looking and we have been roaming around car lots looking -- my favorite thing to do -- NOT.

We also had to have the insurance adjuster out to assess the damage to the roof in the big hailstorm we had a few days ago.  The hail was golf ball sized, came in two waves and pummelled us for an incredibly long time.  The verdict -- new roof, new gutters, window repair (didn't realize anything was broken but it is) all to the tune of $25,000 damage.  That is a drop in the bucket compared to the homes just a few blocks away.  At least the insurance pays for most of it but I really don't like getting a new roof -- those roofing nails all over are a pain.

So, now, here we are -- back on our usual, non-holiday routine, and I am having a bit of a problem getting back to normal.  I had been doing very well with my new routine and now, not so much.  Ihave gone all droopy (as Bean puts it) and unmotivated.  I need to work on that.

I am exercising on my new exercise bike though.  Killing, absolutely killing my knee but maybe if I do it enough it will get better.  Doubtful but...

I am reading the next Agatha Raisin in my queue -- "Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell".  I am almost done  and am really enjoying it.  I find I read faster on a device than a book so I am zipping right along.  I have really enjoyed this series and hate to get to the end even though I have a way to go.  When I am done I will start the Hamish MacBeth series.  I have listened to one audio book but think I would enjoy reading them.  I have also purchased a collection of the George Gently books so I am looking forward to those as well.

I have been working on some sewing projects but while cleaning the house for Easter I put my thimble away and can't find it.  This just reinforces my idea that to declutter your house you have to use logic.  I have looked in all the logical places and I can't find it so clearly I didn't follow my own advice when clearing up.  Bother.  I might have to go buy another.  Bother, bother.

So, yes, that is all I have been up to.  Like I said, nothing blog-worthy. And, I have no photos to share.  I think I better get my act together this week -- how boring is this.