Wednesday, April 06, 2016

This 'n' That and a Book Review

Yesterday I completed M.C. Beaton's "Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell".

 I have read several of these little cozies and really like them.  I sort of identify with grumpy Agatha -- except for her love of high heels.  I have only read one of these books that I just didn't like but not this one.  I loved the way this one ended up -- I won't tell you - but let's just say that James Lacey's turn of events was totally unexpected.  I can't wait to start the next one but in the interim I am reading "A Vintage Affair".  I have started it several times and then got distracted but am determined to finish it this time.  It isn't that it doesn't hold my interest -- it does -- but something keeps stopping me.  I am reading it on my Nook.

I have finally given up trying to decide whether physical books are better than electronic books.  At the end of the day it just doesn't matter.  I really like reading in the car and the e-reader works better for that than traditional books so I guess I have to just adjust to the environment. 

Dealing with medicare and supplemental insurance and drug insurance is a pain.  A big one.  I have just been through the process for drug insurance yet again.  They told me I was covered. Apparently I wasn't.  I don't deal with this stuff.  My husband does.  He needs something to keep him busy, doesn't he?  So, we made a phone call but the guy at the insurance company wanted to hear my voice -- he needed to talk to me.  Blah, blah, blah.  After an hour it was determined that I was, indeed, not covered and we started the whole process over again.  Such fun.

I read lots of blogs.  One that I read from time to time stated that the lady who writes it is considering stopping.  She outlined how much time it took to write it, to answer all the comments, the deal with the people sponsoring her. She talked about how much planning goes into the writing, planning the blog sugjects, outlining, doing research.  One thing is clear -- I am doing it all wrong.  Maybe that is why nobody reads my blog.  I thought it was just a place for me to chat -- mostly to myself.  I didn't realize.  I am sorry.

And then.....I follow a group on FB about hand quilting.  They have "themes" once in a while.  This past week the theme was "pets and quilts".  People posted photos of their pets with their quilts, on their quilts, next to their quilts -- you get the picture.  Some of these quilts are gorgeous and so are some of the pets....I think....I didn't really pay too much attention to the animals.  So, after this went on for a bit one lady decided to become grumpy and made some sort of statement about stopping with the pets already and get back to quilting.  She offended a lot of people.  Then there was a fight.  Is it just me or has the world gone mad?  Who cares if somebody lets their cat get on the quilt?  Who cares if somebody posts a picture of a quilt with a dog laying tummy up on the quilt.  I mean -- ANGRY?  Really?  Isn't life a bit too short for that or do I just not have the energy or interest in things anymore.  I don't get it.  It seems like being offended has become the Great American Pastime!  If people would look at their time like it was money they could equate complaining on a social media site to throwing their money out the window of a fast moving car.  Personally, my time is really important to me and I am not going to waste it arguing with people I don't even know on an insignificant place like the internet.  Ok, the internet isn't really insignificant but you know what I mean -- if you are going to fight, at least do it face to face with somebody you know.

I feel very  O

I made a new chicken recipe last night.  I got it from my daughter only I used a crock pot while she baked it in the oven.  I am sure hers turned out better than mine but it wasn't bad.  You take boneless chicken breasts, put them in a dish and pour balsamic salad dressing over it and top with shaved parmesan cheese.  It had a great flavor.  I served it with rice and sauteed green beans.  I enjoyed it but I was starving so who knows.  There was a lot left over so that is lunch.

We have been thinking about taking a vacation.  We don't really vacation but we were at least thinking about it.  Places that have been mentioned are Charleston, SC, Asheville, NC, Eureka Springs, AR, Oklahoma City, OK, Austin, TX, and just a staycation here -- doing things we keep saying we are going to do and never do -- you know, things that are right under our nose.  We will see.

I have also been exploring the world of planners.  I used to do Daytimers when my kids were young and my husband travelled and I cared for my parents but since my life has changed from all of that I haven't really felt the need.  Now, however, I am thinking I need to go back to a planner to keep up with all these ridiculous, annoying phone calls with health care professionals and insurance companies and such.  We seem to think we are going to remember or we scribble things down on scraps of paper and then lose it so I think I am going to have to re-think this aspect of my "homekeeping".  I am looking at the Erin Condren planners -- pricey but seem workable. Maybe something like one of these -

 If I buy I will share photos. 

Ok, well, time to close this incredibly boring post.  It is putting me to sleep.  Will be back soon