Sunday, April 17, 2016

Main St. Arts Festival, Fort Worth, TX

This is the weekend of the Main St. Arts Festival here in Fort Worth. Our daughter, son in law and Bean were going to go for a while after Bean's golf lesson so we decided to tag along.  A childhood friend of mine was going to be there with his daughter's booth so I thought I would look him up.  As luck would have it, I missed him.  My fault because he sent me his phone number and I went off and left it at home.  I did gift him with this vintage photo of us in my yard on Lee Hall Street.  I believe it was about 1959.

I did have presence of mind to take my camera with me so I thought I would share some photos of the evening.  Apparently the crowds were lighter last night, probably due to threatening weather, but it was a very good time.  I should have shopped but I didn't.  They had lovely glass items and pottery that really caught my eye and some black and white sketches.  If it wasn't pouring rain and my ankles didn't hurt so much I would venture back down there and buy one of the sketches.  The glassware and pottery was completely out of my price range.

Anyway, here is a glimpse of our evening and some architectural interest shots.  I tried to do the Don Mangus thing of doing street shots but seriously, the street wasn't that interesting.


Our starting point


random shot

Daughter -- I lost her in the crowd -- it was like "Where's Waldo"

Iconic Trail Drive mural

One of my favorite old buildings

The Geico Gecko and Beanie

The kiddos spot

The real reason we were there -- Sand Art!

A little more sand art

and still more -- it is a family affair
deciding on which bottle to use

taking it all in

trying to be artistic but it is just wonky -- it was just beginning to get dark

Tarrant County Courthouse




Panther sculpture -- in addition to being called "Cowtown' we are also called "Panther City"-- I think it has to do with a panther sighting back in the day

Fort Worth street

On a pillar outside the restaurant

Old tile work

Looking up!


Evening lights shining

More evening -- the trees all have fairy lights in them and sparkle year round


Entrance to the kids area

We then had dinner at Cantina Laredo -- yummy chicken and lime cilantro salad -- it was so large I couldn't eat it all!

It was a wonderful evening, a lot of walking and good exercise, beautiful artwork and, if it wasn't raining I would go back year!