Saturday, April 23, 2016

Simple Living Challenge

This has been the second week of my participation in Simple Living Challenge hosted by Jenn at

My went progressed at such --

The Word -- still reading each day -- have decided to alternate Old Testament and New Testament so I am half way through Matthew.  I gave up using the Nook -- it is too difficult because my Nook seems to be touchy and is giving me problems -- so back to The Book I go.  I am finding this reading to be very relaxing.  I don't know if that is an appropriate thing to say or not but it is.

Exercise -- Ok, I am doing pretty well in this department.  I have ridden my exercise bike 150 minutes - that is 30 minutes a day for five days.  It hasn't been that regular though because I missed three days instead of two and then rode more minutes twice -- I am up to 45 minutes per day.  The reason I missed a couple of days was because of doctor's appointments and such and some time dealing with my mother in law.  My goal is 30 minutes per day which is 210 minutes a week.  Since I have upped my minutes at each go I might actually surpass that but I have been advised by my doctor to take a day off -- and he is right.  I am still doing my pilates throughout the day.  It is mindless and painless if you take the few minutes you are waiting for laundry to finish or water to boil and throw in a few moves.  It adds up if you keep a talley.  And......drumroll please .... it is a stretch but I have moved up to 50 sit-ups at a time. I have done that once a day but am thinking of dividing it into two because it is straining my hips.

Peace -- Again, the tv is staying off for the most part and, when it is on in the evening, we are watching something with intent.  We ditched cable several months ago and now watch network tv with added viewing pleasure supplied by a Roku.  We subscribe to Acorn (the best!) and Netflix so there is always something to watch and I have taken to watching movies that I have missed as we no longer go to movie theaters (bummer).  No longer is the tv running just for the sake of using electricity.  I feel like this goal has been nailed -- we enjoy the quiet.

Food -- I have been tweaking my eating plan after starting the books "Thin Within" and "Intuitive Eating".   I haven't read very far in either book but I get it.  My plan for the last week has been -- eat three times a day, nothing in between, try for nothing after dinner, be mindful of sugar and eat slowly so that you recognize when you are full.  The idea of learning to recognize when you are hungry and when you are full requires you paying attention.  I have been following the suggestion of eating sitting down (I never ate standing up, anyway) and paying close attention to that fine moment -- that thin line -- between being satisfied and stuffed.  Eating this way frees you to eat whatever you want where ever you are.  I have been practicing this and it seems to work.  I haven't lost any weight, I don't think.  I look different though and I was reminded at he dr. yesterday that muscle weighs more than fat so as I am building muscle the numbers may not change as readily but they will as I go on.  I just know I have less throat  and one less chin.

Domestic issues -- still struggling here.  Kitchen clean, things are staying tidied but as far as really cleaning -- yeah - fuggidaboutit.  But, at least things are tidy.  That is one goal reached.  Maybe subconsciously I am trying to conquer that little challenge before I move on.  At any rate, I am still working on this.

Grocery shopping -- ok, still not going to the grocery store.  So, I bought a handy little check list thing for my planner.

It isn't elaborate or detailed or anything but it will give me an idea of something to eat.  It is laminated and wipes clean with a damp cloth.  There is space on the back for a grocery list.  We are still eating out a lot but that is ok -- I can still use this for that as well -- it will help decide what we are going to have when.  I can already tell you -- Wednesday is Mexican food (because we are all trained at a young age in the Texas public school system that Wednesday is Mexican food day in the school cafeteria) and Friday is going to be hamburger night -- whether it is hamburgers at home or at our favorite Chapp's.  One night will have to be fish -- that should really be Friday in keeping with religious beliefs -- but I have to find a night for Hubs to have his shrimp.  So hamburgers may be Monday night.  We will see.

So, that was my week living my simple living challenge.  I am taking this very seriously as I need direction in my life in some areas.  I thought that with retirement I could just throw caution to the wind and live wild and free but wild and free doesn't make for a clean house and a healthy body so here I am, in my dotage, relying on a planner and writing goals.  It is ok, though, I feel accomplished, stronger physically and more focused so even if I am not meeting my goals 100% I am trying and that is half the battle.

Have a great week!