Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Lucy Has Arrived

As I promised, Lucy has arrived. Her proper name is Lucy Lemur.  She is sleek, smooth, sort of shiny and is mine, all mine.  I know the suspense is overwhelming so I won't keep you waiting any longer --


No, Pom Pom, I am sorry -- not a kitten but I am so happy to have Lucy here as my other computer has a broken power cord slot and it just needed to be replaced as I am sure it would cost more to fix it than the computer cost to begin with. So, that is why I have been absent for several days because in order for the little computer to work I had to hold the power cord just the right way and I could only hold on to it for so long before my hand cramped and that was the end of my efforts.

So, from now on my compelling posts will be composed with Lucy's help here in my little corner of the world.

My little corner of the world is a home office armoire.  It is made to house a desktop computer with a CPU and such but it is working just fine for me.  My  husband decided to go back to a desk he used previously so I fell heir to this cabinet.  We were trying to move it out of the house altogether but it turned out to be such a bear to move that we just adjusted the furniture to accommodate it in the entry way.  So, it is now mine.

To the right you can see my planner with a bright colored paisley design on it.  It is proving to be very useful -- who know in my old age I would actually use a planner? Hmmm.

Behind it you will see a little terracotta pot with pencils in it.  When my father was undergoing radiation treatment there was another man doing the same and his wife would come with him.  She was a ceramicist and, knowing my dad was an artist, she made him this little little pot to hold paint brushes.  When my dad passed away and we were clearing out his apartment this was the one thing I was desperate to hold on to.  To be such a little thing, it means so much.

On the left you can see my purple prayer journal with my life plan in it.  I need to be a little more proactive with that.

In the back left there is a little lamp with a little story.  Once, in our very first house, we had an old chest of drawers that my husband got from his grandmother.  We painted it white and put it in our hallway. The hallway was dark so I wanted a lamp on it but since that was the pathway for my small children, I didn't want anything large or particularly breakable and I thought something whimsical would be fun.  So, I sent Hubs out of find "something" and he came back with one of those little blue, speckled enamel ware coffee pots and a lamp was born.  In order to make it a little heavier he filled it with gravel from one area of our yard.  The lamp has moved with us to two other houses and has been through several paint jobs.  This last look is black with an antiqued rusty finish peeking through -- my handiwork I might add.  It is still filled with Schmeltzer Lane, San Antonio, Texas gravel.  I will keep this little lamp forever.  The little white chest of drawers, however, was remade into a green bookcase discussed in a previous post from awhile ago.

On the back bulletin board you can see a letter from Caroline, a list of neighborhood residents, doctor appointment list, a couple of meaningful cartoons.  One of them is the last King Aroo newspaper panel which was published on April 17, 1987.  The artist is Jack Kent, a friend of my father.  Here is King Aroo --

I loved King Aroo.  The other is a panel of For Better or Worse and the subject matter is traveling for hours to see your daughter dance for two minutes -- something I can identify with completely.  There are also some special cards that make me smile when I see them.

So, that is Lucy, my new companion and a little tour of my little corner of the world.