Thursday, June 30, 2016

When You're Down and Troubled....

you go shopping.  Yes, I have a tendency to shop when I am feeling down so couple that with a brand new hobby and bam! this is what happens.

I already had a couple of boxes full of punches and stickers and rubber stamps but this is the new acquisition. As you can see I haven't even opened them all up yet -- just waiting for the proper inspiration.  All of the punches are of a very basic variety so I suspect I will use them often.

I bought a Cuttlebug.  I am not convinced I need this nor am I convinced it was the proper purchase but it did fit into the budget although I could have gotten it cheaper online.  However, since I am still on the fence about it a return will be easier if purchased locally.  As you can see -- I haven't even taken it out of the box but Hobby Lobby has a 90 day return policy if I opt out.

So, that is what has been helping me straddle  this lumpy hump I have been trying to get over.  Today I might have to go pick up some other inks and things.  I have been watching youtube videos about distressing and texturing and all that sort of thing and I "need" some more stuff.  Actually, I am pretty sure I don't really need more stuff but  I could still use a bit of cheering up. Hee hee!

I don't even need to mention how all the paper is affecting me.  Paper --- fabric --- all the same sort of delightfulness.  I feel the same way when I look at the paper as I do when I look at fabric.  There is just something about it.  Honestly, though, paper is what I lack.  Back in my scrapbooking days I had lots and lots of paper but I passed it on to my daughter when I discovered I had no intention of scrapbooking.  There was tons of it to buy loose by the page.  Now, while you can still buy the loose pages, it seems that the majority of it is available in coordinated tablets which is brilliant.  I will have to check into some of those as this obsession hobby progresses.  I did notice a rather large display of Christmas card making supplies at HL the other day -- I became immediately confused and walked away.  I have some idea for Christmas cards, though, borrowed, not original, unfortunately. I am not that clever.

So, anyway, that is my "stash" -- partial, I am sure.  I now see my husbands joy in gearing up for a project -- if the project never happens the gearing up part is a good part of the fun!