Monday, July 11, 2016

Once a Week Blogger

Seems I have become a once a week blogger! Not my intent -- things just got a bit busy.

After the 4th my daughter had to go to a conference for advanced placement teachers.  The conference was held at TCU so she had to venture to my side of town whereas I was going to her side of town to keep the Bean.  We had three lovely days with her and enjoyed every minute of it.

The weekend found me trying to catch up on laundry and picking up -- we are a messy duo -- mostly reading material and crumbs. Anyway I did find some time to do some card making. I only made one and my photography is really bad.  I have a new camera and didn't know how to turn the flash off so I had to enlist the photography guru to show me how.  So, anyway, here are the fruits of my latest efforts.

The coloring seems to be a bit washed out here but it really isn't.  I made two copies of the stamped image -- one I did in Prismacolor pencils and one I did in Crayola colored pencils.  This one was done with Crayola.  The one I did with the Prismacolor pencils is more vibrant.  It will show up on something eventually but I thought the more subdued colors went well with the muted, soft toned papers.  However, it is more colorful than it appears here.  Sorry for the poor photography but I shake a bit and the light was miserable. I need to work on my photography skills.

I have been playing with my Cuttlebug but I am bummed to find out that I need an additional plate and they don't carry it at my neighborhood Joann.  I bought a set of Spellbinders dies but need the plate before I can use them.  This is getting to be a rather pricey hobby so I am cutting myself off for the moment.  Not sure if  I will be keeping the the die set or not.

So, that is what has been taking up my time these days.

Oh, and I have put down "the book" and have taken up this one --

It is pretty good so far and I will review when I am done. 

Well, off to the dentist!  Have a great Monday!