Thursday, July 28, 2016


My husband is a genius.

I have been going "green" for sometime now.  Some of my practices have become second nature, some I have ditched, some I have tweaked to be more practical for my family.  One of my pet peeves has been the toilet paper cores.  I don't do crafts that require toilet paper cores and I don't have a hamster.  So.....what to do?

I discovered this!

This is my husband's preferred product -- nothing terribly soft in this house, no siree!

So, I figured this would appeal to both our sensibilities.

I was wrong.  Apparently being coreless results in it not "rolling smoothly".  I have no idea why that is a problem, it doesn't bother me but the resident handy man came to the rescue.

Yes, a piece of pvc pipe the length of the paper holder and the width of the "core".

A permanent "core".  Problem solved.

The man is a flipping genius.