Wednesday, January 04, 2017


My goodness, it is already the first hump day of the new year! And a cold one it is.  We have been spoiled by lovely spring temps but we are paying our dues now for the next few days.  Friday might bring some light snow flurries.  If they are light and no ice is involved, I could enjoy that.  IF.

I don't like to make new year resolutions because I am always a bit over zealous, a bit too detailed and fussy and I am always trying to change things that clearly aren't meant to be changed.  Some of my resolutions would absolutely require a personality overhaul which, we all know, isn't likely to happen. 

However, since last spring I have been working on a list of things I would like to change about my habits and our life here in Maison Brinkley.  As I have posted earlier, I had a list of things that I had to do before the end of the year and I managed to get most of them done but not without a good bit of anxiety and sandwiching between other things.  I am starting out the year feeling accomplished but I don't want to lean on my laurels -- one of my biggest downfalls.  I was always like that and it isn't good.  As Dory would say, "just keep swimming".

So, I am making small changes to my personal habits to make things happen on a more even keel.  From what I understand, it takes 28 days to form a new habit and, by my observation, about 20 seconds to break it so my goal is to work hard to try not to break them.

One goal is to make my dentist very happy.  We all brush and floss our teeth -- or at least I hope we do.  However, some of us are more prone to dental distress than others -- it seems to be an inherited thing in my family -- so I have had to ramp up my dental habits somewhat.  My dentist is going to be pleased to hear that I am flossing after each meal as well as brushing.  Now, the brushing was always a given but the flossing after EACH meal is new to me.  I realize that is too much information but it is a good example of how a small habit can be formed -- I have been doing this now for a couple of months and I can't imagine not doing it -- I don't feel right when I don't.  I am hoping this new habit will yield results he will be happy with.  I will let you know.

Another bad habit I am hoping to break is waiting until 3:30 to figure out what is for dinner.  It will more than likely be something that has to be defrosted which immediately means dinner out.  That is a habit that was so easy to form and one that needs to be broken without a doubt.  So, today I am planning to start dinner quite early, make use of the crockpot and hopefully have a lovely roast for dinner tonight.  I started planning this last night so I can be more effective today.  I guess a good title for this would be "planning ahead". 

One more habit that I am currently forming is mopping my kitchen every night.  I have an open floor plan with lots and lots of tile floor but I don't intend to mop the entire house every night -- just the kitchen area.  It is a galley style and not all that huge so it really shouldn't be an issue.  I bought a Bona floor care system with the spray bottle of cleaner.  It works really well -- no big buckets of mop water and it doesn't feel sticky afterward.  So, how much work could it be to do a little spritz and swish over the floor at the end of the day.  I would think it would be quite do-able so I am going to do it! 

And another habit that I want to form is reading at least 30 minutes a day.  I am not joining any challenges this year but I did see one that is 52 books a year -- one a week.  I think that would be great but some books might take longer than a week and some maybe could be done in a day or two.  My goal, I think is to just real a little everyday -- consistency is important in anything you do.

In fact, I think consistency should be my overall goal for the year -- being consistent with everything.  Don't try to be perfect just be consistent.  So, that is my buzzword for 2017 -- Consistency! Just Keep Swimming!