Friday, January 06, 2017


Yesterday was quite the day.  Well, in the big scheme of things, not really, but in my little world anything out of the ordinary constitutes excitement.

In our house we have a set of unwritten rules.  I get up early.  Hubs doesn't.  The last one out of bed makes it up which means it is never me! I don't turn off the house alarm because it beeps and it might wake him up so that job goes to him as well.

Ok, so Hubs is on several meds for diabetes and high blood pressure and cholesterol and all that sort of thing.  Recently, oh say the last year or two, he has been having a "problem" in that he has vivid dreams and can't seem to wake himself up out of them.  As a result he seems to do a version of "sleepwalking" through them until he wakes up.  He looks like he is awake, he talks like he is awake but he usually is acting out the dream and he has no recollection of what is going on.  Trust me, these are very active occurrences.  It isn't like he is sound asleep and mumbling -- he is on his feet, trying to do things like fold all the bed cover up in a little square, or trying to rearrange things that aren't there.  A couple of nights ago he was wadding the quilt up and holding it up over his head like a sacrifice! Sometimes these things are funny but most times not.  Yesterday was one of those not-so-funny days.

I got up as usual.  Came in and had my breakfast and a cuppa when I heard the alarm being turned off.  He didn't get it turned off because it beeps a certain number of times when it turns off and I could hear that didn't happen.  I asked him and he replied "yes, of course I got it turned off".  I could tell, with that reply, that he wasn't awake.  Well, before I knew it he had gone out the door into the garage to "check the meat" (he was smoking meat in the dream) and, in the process of opening the door, he set the alarm off.  He kept trying to turn it off but was hitting the wrong buttons which sent it into a stupid loop where we COULDN'T get it turned off. 

The siren blared for at least 10 minutes.  The only thing to do was flip all the breakers on the panel and make it stop which he did.  We could then restore everything to normal.

It woke the neighbors up.  They came outside to look and decided there was something wrong with our gas meter.  They couldn't get us on the phone because we couldn't hear it ringing with the siren going off.  So, they called the gas company.  We didn't know any of this was happening.

I had just sat down with my cup of tea, trying to calm my nerves when there was a booming knock on the door.  It was the gas man asking about our call.  We didn't make a call.  I sent him next door.  By this time Hubs was waking up and getting dressed to go out and talk to the gas man.  There was nothing wrong with the gas -- no leaks or anything.  Gas man went on his way.

Everything finally calmed down into normalcy but as we sat laughing about the hectic morning, Hubs said he had no idea why he went out into the garage to begin with.  He was dreaming that he was smoking meat and that there was a line of people wanting to help baste it and he had to check to make sure it was getting basted and he assumed, in the dream, that the meat was in the garage. 

All that and no real meat to show for it.  If he is going to have these ridiculous dreams, I wish there was at least something to show for it other than my frazzled nerves.

Is this funny?  Sometimes.  Sometimes not.  Do I think it is serious?  Oh yes.  Am I going to have to intervene and talk to the doctor.  Probably.  Yuck. 

New rules -- I turn off the alarm when I get up whether it wakes him up or not.  I did that this morning.  He is still asleep.  Clearly not a problem.