Saturday, January 07, 2017

The Remains of the Snow starring My Back Garden

They had been predicting snow for several days.  Not a lot of snow, mind you, just a few flurries.  It would begin about rush hour on Friday morning.

Friday morning came and went and no snow at Maison Brinkley.  I was keeping my fingers crossed because, while it is very lovely, I don't like snow or ice. 

About 1:30 we were getting ready to leave to pick up the Bean and we looked out and, lo and behold, what did we see?  Small little flurries punctuated by some really big fluffy snowflakes.  We laughed and said no big deal.

It wasn't a big deal except for the one patch of ice we hit but even that wasn't horrible. Thank goodness for four wheel drive vehicles!

So, with any luck, winter is over since it is supposed to be in the 70's on Tuesday. I jest because we have been known to have snow in March so we will see.  It is generally a crap shoot here in Texas in regards to the weather.

I did record this winter event for posterity and, for the viewing pleasure of my readers from up north,  a good laugh.

So, here is our Texas snowfall for January 2017.

Snow on the boulder -- there really was more last night

Ice in the birdbath

The berries make a wonderful addition to the photo, don't you think?