Saturday, January 14, 2017

Vintage Photos of San Antonio, Texas

I grew up in San Antonio, Texas.  I was always aware that we lived in a very historic place -- who hasn't heard of the Alamo?  I always loved the old architecture.  We lived relatively close to downtown and while the neighborhood we lived in was "new" -- circa 1948 -- many of the buildings were quite old.  I loved the vintage feel of all of it.

There is a site on Facebook that is dedicated to photos of vintage San Antonio.  I thought it might be nice to share some of old photos here.  Some of the photos are of really old buildings, some are places that I spent time at as a child.  There isn't much rhyme or reason to my selection, just whatever speaks to me at the moment.  I won't show them all here today but spread them out over several posts.  It could be an ongoing project as people are always finding "new" old photos.

This first one is going to be of Firehouse No. 7 at 604 South Alamo.

This building was built in 1924 and was the third structure to be on this piece of property.  It began in 1885 as a volunteer unit.  It is said to be haunted with the spirits of former firefighters.

I used to work at the San Antonio Independent School District which is right behind this fire station.  We would walk across the parking lot, through the fire station, wave at the firemen, cross the street and walk a half a block to  our favorite Mexican food restaurant, El Mirador.

This is what it looks like today.  It was for sale in October.  $150 square foot.  5300+ square feet.  What a fantastic house that would make. I could even go get my old job back and walk to work!  Well, ok, maybe not. 

Anyway, just a little bit of SA history! More to come!