Thursday, February 23, 2017

How Will I Make Art Today?

As I previously posted, I have been enjoying looking at and studying art lately.  I don't know why I never paid attention before but here I am now, in my dotage, admiring what has been around me all along.  Unfortunately, I think I might be having the desire to try some myself which won't turn out well because I can't draw.  Maybe something abstract?  Maybe more greeting cards?  I have options.

I will never draw like my father.  Here is an example of one of his painted covers.

There is nothing to compare to Beatrix Potter

Or Tasha Tudor...

or my all time favorite Garth Williams

But for today what will it be for me .... cross stitch?  coloring books?  or greeting cards?

There is art all around, inspiration everywhere we look and ways to enjoy and express ourselves in art even if we can't draw.

Ok, cross stitch it is.