Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Older I Get....

the more honest I am, with myself and everybody else.  Since my birthday I have had several things pop into my head about myself.  Observations.  Being honest and true to myself.  Having opportunity to be honest with other people, hopefully not in a hurtful way.

Here are a few of my thoughts--

I don't like hot food.

I don't like cooking big meals.

I don't like feeling used and I am particularly sensitive about people thinking I am too stupid to know when I am being used.

I will never be a minimalist.

I wish I had an old house with a big front porch, a country kitchen and lots of bedrooms with white iron beds lined up.  I would use white linens and quilts and white flowy curtains at the windows.

I don't like trying to finish books that I don't like.  New rule, if you don't like them just quit reading.

I am a failure at intuitive eating.

I am addicted to cookies.

I hate allergies because all I want to do is go outside.

I don't like my sofa but I feel guilty for not liking my sofa -- some people don't have a sofa and I am lousy for being a sofa snob.

I am slowing down and I actually like it.  I feel like I have been on some sort of a race all my life and now I am not.  Whew -- a sigh of relief.

I don't like to cook, sew, or clean.  I  have given up hobbies because of the mess they make.  The truth is, I didn't like them to begin with but felt like I "should" like them.

I secretly want my husband to cut my hair with his new clippers.  It would be bad but I feel like it would be fun.

I wish I had a screen door so the kids could slam it and I could tell them to stop.

I wish I lived somewhere that there wasn't an HOA.

I am falling out of love with technology except for Rosy, my new iphone.  I still love her.

I want to travel around Texas, maybe on the train.

I wish I could draw.

I wish I hadn't sold my piano and I wish I had practiced more.

I wish I could go to San Antonio for a couple of weeks and just "be" there again for a while.

I miss the 50's and the 60's.  If I could go back just for a day, oh the things I would change!

I have a tendency to live in the past.

I am a deeper thinker than most people think I am.

Ok, now I need lunch.

Have a great Saturday!