Thursday, April 20, 2017

I Have Failed at the Art of Tidying Up

I have read articles about Marie Kondo and the Kon Marie method of keeping yourself together.  My cousin even bought me the book which I have read.  However, the book didn't address the concept that some people might be drawer-dysfunctional.

That would be me.

If I can't see it, I forget I have it.

Case in point.  Two days ago I went looking for my pajamas.  I have taken to retiring in athletic shorts and t-shirts because they are quite comfy for this perpetually-too-warm body.  However, I decided that I need to sleep in real pajamas and I knew I had them but where?  After a brief study of the situation I went out to buy some more sleeping duds -- not athletic shorts.  I came home to put them away and when I opened the very last drawer in the dresser in the closet what do you think I found?  Yes.  My pajamas.

No, I didn't return the new things. 

So, yesterday I started cleaning out the disaster that is my closet.  Here in Texas they tell us to go into the closets during a tornado.  My closet look likes the tornado followed me in.

Not anymore, though. 

However, I have a large dresser with 8 drawers (my husband has a matching one with 12 drawers -- yes, it is a large closet) and I am unable to store anything in them because I forget it is there.

I found t-shirts neatly folded in the Kon Marie method -- they look lovely.  I have my personal garments folded the same -- except for what I found lost with the pajamas.  And I uncovered six pairs of shoes.  I guess I didn't need them since I wear the Tieks most of the time.  However, I feel a little crazy.

My husband's side of the closet is an equal disaster but it is a disaster with his own stuff.  My side of the closet has also been turned over to things like extra blankets and quilts, the boxes of family photos, the Nintendo Wii box, you know, stuff like that.  I am going to be merciless and just ditch it all. 

I was so good yesterday.  I had two grocery bags (paper) full of neatly folded clothes for donation.  Remember when you could donate things to the little donation bins in the grocery store parking lot?  Well, those little bins have been popping up all over the place again so I thought it would be easy to find someplace to donate the clothes.  I was wrong.  There were two in our Target parking lot just a few weeks ago and now they are gone.  We actually drove all over the place looking for one.  I finally found one but I am not sure it was a good idea to leave things there. I need to find another place because that one gave me the heebie-jeebies.  All I did was open the chute and I felt the need to drown myself in hand sanitizer.  When I opened the chute I was met with all sorts of food trash -- is somebody living in this thing?  I don't know but I will find someplace else.

So, this morning I am back at work re-inventing my closet.  Oh, and the shirts that are too big?  Well, I uncovered one that is the smaller size (never worn, BTW, but it was neatly folded in the drawer) and it fits perfectly.

I have decided to keep the larger shirts because when I tried to re-order them in the smaller size they didn't have any of the designs I wanted so next time I order things, I will remember to buy the smaller size.  Blah.  Maybe they will shrink in the wash.

So, today I am continuing to tackle the closet -- hanging everything in my sight so I won't lose things.  I am sort of beginning to worry about forgetting things.  How can somebody forget their pajamas?  Just doesn't seem right.

However, now I am well stocked on pajamas.  Yay.