Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Update on New Routine

How long does a new routine have to be followed before it isn't new anymore?  As you know, we have been following a new routine and it is working well.  The last several days have been challenging but we have managed to eat our main meal at lunch although a few of those meals were restaurants which we are trying to avoid.  However, we did keep to our plan to eat our large meal at lunch and I think we are both feeling better for it.

We were remarking, on our way home from our daughter's house today, that neither of us was ravenously hungry.  When we were eating breakfast and a light lunch we were starving by the time we were leaving our daughter's house for home and would then still have to cook which sent us to the restaurants every night.

By eating lunch we don't have that long stretch without food so we are able to make it until we get home and can have a light dinner.  I think it is a win-win.  I have lost a bit of weight and I just think going to bed on an emptier stomach is a good thing.

The last several days have found me cleaning out the closet and I have taken two bags to the drop off place for donated items.  I have two more bags to take as well.  Then randomly I am going to tackle the kitchen drawers -- they need it.  I am very excited to be getting things cleaned out and organized -- it makes me feel good and I have come to realize it is a never ending job so I don't need to feel bad about it not being finished -- it isn't ever going to be finished!

I am still reading the F. Scott Fitzgerald book but I am about done and I am ready to be done.  I have enjoyed it but it hasn't gone quickly and I am wanting to get started on some of my other new books.  I am reading books lately rather than my e-reader because the e-reader books have gotten so expensive! I really love Half Price Books and I can find whatever I want most of the time.  I have decided that during the summer I am going to visit the library, as well.  I miss the library and would like to go more frequently.

I am proud of myself that I have kicked the cookie habit.  I am a serious cookie addict.  I can pass up anything else but cookies are just too enticing.  But, I have managed to stop eating them and haven't really had any (except for the madeleine at church) for almost two months. I feel so accomplished! I have weight issues and honestly, sweets are the problem.  I have broken the addiction to sodas (that was a big one) and now cookies (the other problem) and I feel so much better for it.  Not that I feel better physically but emotionally because I actually took hold of the problem.  Yay!

I have been binge watching "As Time Goes By" on Britbox and am loving it.  I have watched this series many times but never in order and it is quite fun.  I think I might start on Dr. Who when this one is done.  I would like to start EastEnders but I don't know how easy it would be to start a soap opera.  I did watch Coronation Street a bit when I had Hulu but I stopped.  I will see how that goes.

So, that is me up to now.  Oh yes, Bean decided to write a book -- her life up to now (she is 6).  On the first page she said "I was born when Mommy got me out of her tummy".  And then asked me what happened next.  Not much progress has been made but she makes me smile.