Wednesday, May 10, 2017

So Over It

I sound like my daughter -- "I am SO over it"!  But, I am.  My allergy situation is beyond any help whatsoever.  I am fed up with sitting here feeling bad, giving into it and just generally having a big old, sniffly, snotty pity party.  So, I decided yesterday to just ignore it (hard to do but....) and get on with things.  I have a lot of things to do and I am tired of dealing.

So, what is any sane, grown woman to do under these circumstances with this mindset?

Clean out her dusty, over-stuffed clothes closet, of course. (Not really a good idea with the dust and all.)

Yesterday I started pulling out everything and throwing it away.  Yes, throwing it away.  I have about six knit shirts that have been hanging on the hangers for so long (yes, I know, fold them) that you can't recognize their original shape.  I have a number of blouses that have embroidered details that just scream "middle age".  I am middle aged -- no, I am older than middle aged -- in my body, not my mind and I just can't handle sweet little embroidery.  Out! In the pile.

I have found slacks I forgot about that have never been worn.  I found jackets I forgot about.  It was a mess.  Marie Kondo would have been in decluttering heaven.

So, I got to thinking -- AGAIN -- about wardrobe, body type, personal preference, comfort, climate, who I admire as a fashion role model.  All those things and I have finally come up with an answer.

I shall buy a box of 33 gallon garbage bags, cut appropriate holes for head and arms and be done.  A cute pair of flats and some pearls for church should work, don't you think?

Ok, maybe not.

So, I have decided that a neutral wardrobe is best.  My options are obvious -- denim, black, gray, beige, white, navy and taupe.  I think solids are good for tops or geometric prints -- stripes and polka dots.  I have several pairs of slacks and capris that fit in these categories so I am good to go.  I am overbought on jeans so I won't be buying any more.  In fact, I have just purchased a pair of white ones and black ones so I think I am done on the pants.

Tops seems to be my big problem.  I don't like short blouses or shirts so I have to opt for the longer, tunic style.  I can't wear t-shirts because I am an "apple" and "apples" just look dumpy in t-shirts.  I don't mean to offend but it is true.  I have had to be brutally honest with myself during this little exercise and that is my conclusion.  I also don't care for these "fitted" or "shaped" shirts that are popular these days (thank you Lands End).  I have several and will keep them as they are practically new and in very good shape due to the good quality (thanks again, Land's End).  With that said,  all those seams to bring the shirt in and fitted are  where I go out and are uncomfortable. I am high waisted but it seems like the waist of the shirt is still higher and I keep wanting to pull it down.  First world problems, what can I say.  Be thankful I have a shirt -- lots of people don't.  Shame on me for complaining.  Anyway, think I have narrowed down the style of blouse or top I need.  My daughter doesn't care for my choices but I am not the tall, willowy person with the gorgeous flowing locks that she is quiet.   I have to work with what I have.  I am a shrinking, apple.  Not an easy thing.  As far as color goes I am sticking with neutrals there as well -- white, black, ivory and blush.  Now, I have a lime green shirt in my closet and I don't know why.  Oh, I bought it.  It is a solid.  It is a good brand is lime green.  I don't "do" lime green -- what was I thinking but since it has been worn possibly once the idea of just tossing it is giving me pause.  It is in my "dazed and confused" pile.

So, shoes.  I have arthritis.  I can't wear heels.  I never wore really high heels but I did like dressing up and can't now.  So, I have settled in on flats.  I have a couple of pair of Clark's that are really comfy.  One is black and one is camel.  I have a pair of Tieks in taupe that I wear all the time.  All. The. Time.  I need to buy another pair (or four).  I also recently bought a pair of New Balance flip flops.  Being the sort that needs to have her shoes strapped to her feet I was hesitant but they are so comfy and they don't fall off my feet and I haven't tumbled over yet so I say they are a go.  Shoes are problematic as well  -- one foot is a medium and the other a wide.  I have my dad's high arches and really can't stand anything going across the top of my foot (trainers are torture) so flats it will be.  Plus, heavy shoes make me feel like I am walking through quicksand so the Tieks are great.  My husband is just going to have to cope.

I only carry one purse -- a Longchamp nylon zipper tote -- LePilage -- in gunmetal gray, the medium size.  I have other options but that is the easiest to deal with and comfortable for me.

I used to love jewelry but not so much anymore.  I wear the same things every day.  I guess I am like my Aunt Linnie that way.  She had some "signature" jewelry that she wore all the time and didn't deviate from it -- I am the same way.  I guess I am just not very creative.  I am thinking of buying something turquoise to compliment the taupe and white stuff that I am planning on wearing.  If I think about it.

So, as I ride out the allergies I am determined to make my closet look like it belongs to a member of the human race.  I have discovered that I am going to have to start ironing again.  That doesn't make me happy.  I don't like to iron.  But, I am going to like being able to go in and get dressed!

So, yeah.  Now I have to clean up the bedroom floor where I dumped everything.  Bother.

PS -- In case you are wondering who my fashion icon is -- well -- hee hee -- Judi Dench.  She is short, roly poly, wears long, loose blouses and shirts and has gray hair -- what's not to love!  And she has a wicked sense of humor from what I have read.