Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Start of Summer, Debbie Macomber and my 6 Weeks to Summer Challenge

Hi, there! Did you think I had disappeared?  Nah, I never REALLY disappear-- I might get lost once in a while but I am never truly gone.  So, where  have  I been you might ponder? Well, ponder no more -- I will share my incredibly mundane existence with you.

The Hubs and I are babysitting this week.  We are at my daughter's house during the day through Friday while Mom is finishing up in her classroom.  Today was an especially good day because Bean decided the thing to do was to surprise her mother by cleaning the WHOLE house -- spotless-- and she did.  I did very little and it wasn't really the whole house but enough so that Mom was quite impressed.  She thought it was fun!  Yay!  Who am I to tell her that after about the first 35 years it gets really boring?  I will let her figure that out on her own. 

Then, I finished the first book in the Cedar Cover series by Debbie Macomber.  The title is "16 Lighthouse Road".  It was a great read.  Of course, I will have to start the second one now -- another series I am roped into -- but I think it will be ok.  I enjoyed this one even though I had seen the miniseries.  The odd thing is that when I first saw the books in the bookstore I wasn't interested.  When the miniseries aired originally, I wasn't interested.  Then I watched it on Netflix and it was really good and the books are really good so what do I know?  Don't listen to me except yes, they are a good read.

My 6 Weeks to Summer challenge has gotten a bit derailed.  I sort of ruined myself on Saturday.  We went to the zoo.  It was the hottest day of the year so far.  The heat index was 103.  I wore Tieks and decided the thing to do was to carry the cooler.  Granted, it was nylon but fully packed it was like a bunch of bricks.  I walked from the car to the ticket counter and I was done -- and we weren't parked far away.  So, for the next four hours I was in severe pain with aching feet and knees, I was exhausted from carrying the cooler and I was annoyed that I was such a disaster.  So, Sunday I couldn't move or walk, I was in so much pain, Monday was a little better -- not quite so tired but still oh so sore.  Tuesday better and am just now feeling like I can actually stand on my feet.  Note to self -- next time I head to the zoo, everybody carries his/her own lunch or we eat at the cafe.  Done.

So, yeah, summer has begun for us, the weather is warm and a bit stormy right now and I am looking forward to many days of reading and decluttering and getting back to my challenge but I am not up to exercising quite yet.