Monday, July 17, 2017

The Other Child by Joanne Fluke

One day, at Half Price Books, I was searching for some of the Joanne Fluke cozy mystery titles and ran across this.  I like ghost stories sometimes so I thought I would check it out.  It definitely isn't a cozy mystery.

This story contains all the usual elements of a ghost story -- an old house, a child or two, a semi-cra cra woman -- it was all there.  It is about a family that moves from the city to a small, rather unwelcoming, town to live in and renovate an old mansion.  The mansion is full of the original family's things -- furniture, silver, papers, letters, etc.  And there is a root cellar which is the root of the problems that crop up. 

And there is Christopher.

And Leslie.

And the accidents.

I am a bit sorry I read this in the summer.  It is definitely an October sort of read.  And I recommend it to anybody who likes rather predictable ghost stories.