Saturday, July 22, 2017

If The Instructions Say "Buy Advanced Tickets" Then I Would Advise You To Do So

Indeed.  Following instructions, if provided, is usually the way to do things.  However, we didn't.  We had made plans to go to Davis, Oklahoma to a place called Turner Falls.  It is a park that is the home of a rather impressive waterfall.  It is a popular place, apparently, and the website suggests that you buy advanced purchase tickets (yes there is an entry fee) because when the park is full they close it.

We didn't believe them.  We drove the hour and a half and what do you know, the park was closed.  So, we went to eat lunch instead.  We went to Smokin' Joe's Rib Ranch. It was a very popular place as well.  It was ok but I think it could have been better. It was an interesting site though as there was also an RV park attached.

Anyway, it was a lovely drive up Hwy.77, through the small towns from here to there, and I did take some photos so I thought I would share.

Welcome to our Saturday!
Wind turbines were everywhere and they were scary! Very futuristic looking and not in a good way

Taken from the car -- lots of people enjoying the water -- I wouldn't have gotten in it

more swimmers with a very tall slide -- must have been scary because everybody who went down it screamed

hills in the area

This is a two meat plate for one person -- it could have fed four

This was on the ceiling.  Even the dog.  Click on it and you will see the dog.  I thought it rather odd

Water feature in the garden of the restaurant

isn't this the most perfect Christmas tree -- I am sure they decorate it for Christmas

cute little gift shop

this little fella guards the door of the gift shop -- isn't he cute?

rock where the road is cut through, with a forest on top
Even if we didn't get into the park it was a lovely morning drive.  The only two problems were -- no phone service and no Starbucks! We will go back.