Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fitbit Charger 2 and Podcasts

I started using my new FBC2 yesterday.  I had set my step goal to 8000 and then later changed it to 5000 which was a much more rational goal.  I still didn't make it but I only missed it by a couple of hundred steps which I just couldn't make myself take before midnight.  So, I got off to a better start this morning and we will see how it goes.

I just want a badge.

I climbed the stairs at my daughter's house but it wasn't enough to register.

I am probably never going to get THAT badge.

But, I am trying.

As you know I love to read.  I love to read most anything -- books, magazines, blogs.  I just learn so much.

Today I started dabbling in the world of podcasts.

My niece is a podcaster and a contributor to Forbes Magazine.  She is a writer and has always been.  So, she started a podcast about writing.  It has been going for a good while now but I decided to listen to it today for the first time.  I am not done, I will pick it up later and finish but I am enjoying it.  If you are interested her name is Sarah Rhea Werner and her podcast is "WriteNow".

This has been a very lazy morning.  I was able to sleep a little later today -- a blessing I am sure I received in celebration of all the walking I did yesterday.  Plus, we had a rainstorm which made sleeping in all the better.

I have caught up on the laundry, thrown all the trash away and cleaned the kitchen.  So, now what time is it?

Lunch time and reading time.

Lunch will be at MiCocula's -- our go-to neighborhood, indi Tex-Mex restaurant. Reading?  "The Fifth Petal" by Brunonia Barry.  It is the sequel to "The Lace Reader" but it is scarier.  I should have waited until October to read it but that would have just been silly.

So, it is hump day.  We have had a cold front (hahaha!) come through which will keep our temps below 90.  We had a lot of rain and are expecting more from the disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico.  I doubt I will stock up on duct tape because it isn't supposed to advance this far north but I might have to stock up on toilet paper and milk just because that is what we always did when "the 'cane was coming" -- words from my three year old son.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and do whatever you love!