Sunday, November 19, 2017

November Family Gathering

November is a banner month in our family. My parents were married on the 14th in 1942, my in-laws were married on the 13th in 1942, my mother in law was born on the 18th in 1921, my daughter in law was born on the 28 in 1977 and my youngest granddaughter was born on the 17th three years ago.  Lots of celebrations and yesterday was no different.

We started the day with a party at my son and daughter in laws house for the three year old, Emily.  She had a Care Bear cake and received a lot of presents.  We got her a nap mat and a tent all in the ever popular "zebra" pattern.  Black and white goes with everything, doesn't it?

After that party I came home and took a much needed nap to rest my knee and my mind.  Too much going on right now.  After that we went to a local barbecue place called Cousins to celebrate my mother in law's 96th birthday.  All of her four children and their spouses were there.  Out of her eleven grandchildren, six were there -- four with spouses and all 13 of her great-grandchildren were there.  It was a large group and the majority of it was running crazy playing tag and hide and seek.  It was a bit rowdy but I rooted myself in the back corner where I could stretch out my knee and just observe.

And what did I observe?  Well, one lost a colored pencil in the groove in the floor, one was running crazy and ran smack into the wall, the rest of them decided that crawling around on the floor under the tables was a fun thing to do wallowing in all manner of yuck under there.  And, Bean decided to share her science experiment, a lava lamp, with all who would observe.  Very lively group.  The rest of us were complaining about aches and pains and my niece was giving helpful information about my knee.

It was a long day but since I spent the majority of it sitting I didn't get too tired but tired enough that I hit the sack the minute I got home.

My daughter did share these photos  from this year and the past couple of years so I thought I would share them here.  I have to wonder what these girls are eating or drinking that is preserving them so well -- I see very little change in any of them.  I wish I had known their secret about thirty years ago.
Jan Brianna Jill -- 2015

Jan Brianna Jill 2016

Jan Brianna Jill 2017

There are three more girls -- Sarah, Rachel and Rebecca but they were unable to be with us.  Love them all!