Thursday, November 30, 2017

Checking In

I haven't been here for a few days because we have been knee deep in house moving "stuff". While it seems that this was a quick decision and things have moved along at a rapid pace it also seems like it is taking forever.  I think I am the one taking forever.

Once we took possession of the house, and the previous owner's stuff was out, we finally got a good look at some things that really needed to be done.  The glaring issue was carpeting in the living room.  I would have to say that somebody had an issue with red wine on a beige carpet.  There was also a red wine issue with a lamp shade on the light fixture above the breakfast table.  I am not sure if I want to know about that.....

So, we swapped out the shades on the light fixture and headed to the locally owned flooring store around the corner from the new abode.

We were just going to have the carpet switched out but on further review opted to do a bit more.  The very back bedroom will become our study complete with a rolling desk chair so we decided to put some solid flooring in there rather than carpeting although there isn't anything wrong with the carpet that is in there.  We also chose to remove the carpet from the hallway and continue the solid flooring through there just for a good transition.  

We chose a product called Core-tec -- one of these new modern engineered things that is rapidly replacing laminate.  It is 100% kidproof, waterproof, and pet proof.  And since we don't have too many red-wine issues here I assume it will hold up well. 

We have also opted to remove the wood flooring from the entry and dining room and put this Core-tec flooring there as well.  The wood needed to be replaced and we were keen to do it all at once. 

So, here is that product --

not my house!

Since we are currently living with real travertine floors I think this will be a good transition for us and much easier on my knees as one of the layers is cork.  I feel that twelve years on stone floors has gone a long way to make my knees much worse than they really need to be so I am hoping this will help.

In the living room we thought about going with the same stuff but I really wanted carpet -- again for the legs/knees.  I don't especially like carpet because it is just one big dust ball as far as I am concerned but I do like the coziness of it.  We chose  a Mohawk product called SmartStrand which I was told was one of the lowest VOC products available.  I am all about that, you know.  I would show you a sample but I can't find it on the website and I can't remember the pattern name.  It is a low nap carpet and the color is Antique Light so you can have some idea of what it is -- it blends very well with the Core-tec.

Installation of the floors begins tomorrow and will be done by next Tuesday for sure.  The products are having to come from Georgia but they are due here today and I am ready for work to commence.

I am trying to pack but packing all the wrong things!  I need to be emptying out the furniture but instead I am emptying out the cabinets!  I need to regroup.  That is what I will be doing today as we are carrying a lot of our breakables ourselves and it is taking a lot of trips even though we have a truck.  I think we have too many breakables! I think we have too much stuff, period!

And, I have lost the charger for my Kindle.  Blah.  I am sure I will lose a number of things -- hopefully not my mind.

So, that is my quick update on the transition from Maison Brinkley to Brinkley Cottage.  More later.  Oh yes, tomorrow we get internet at Brinkley Cottage as well!  Yay!  Life will feel much more normal!

More soon.