Thursday, July 26, 2018

Nothing to Say -- Hard to Believe

It has been a while since I have posted but I have found myself in a very strange position -- I have nothing to say.  Most of my friends/family would find that ridiculous since I usually have a lot to say about almost everything but not right now.  Life just seems to be on hold and I don't know why.  So, I will do bullet points to catch you up on what has been going on -- trust me -- not much.

 + still reading "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"  -- seem to have hit a block with my reading

+  bought new twin beds for the house and thought about making new quilts but no -- I still don't have any interest in quilting

+  I have survived the heat wave of North Texas but I am beginning to be a little stir crazy staying in the house 24/7 but between the African dust and the heat outside isn't very interesting

+  I have sewed MANY Girl Scout patches on a certain little vest

+  I am still unpacking boxes

+  We are still trying to get all our stuff moved out of our old house.  It is getting very annoying

+  My husband has taken to sleep walking, or something equally as disturbing and I am not enjoying that.

+  I took facebook off my phone because I spend too much time on it.

+  I am now spending my time playing electronic solitaire

+  I have bit my lip several times in the same place and I think I have an infection but my dentist is out of town until Tuesday and by the time the girl in the dentist office told me to go to my GP, he was closed for the day.  So, I am doctoring it with apple cider vinegar.  It actually feels better.

+  I am not very happy right now, there are lot of not great things going on and I can't do anything about them.

+  School is starting really too soon.  It doesn't even feel like we have had summer -- just a lot of heat.

+  I have been binge watching "Hart of Dixie" on Netflix.  It is fun!

+  My crockpot died and I bought a new expensive model -- not sure it is worth is -- the roast turned out good, the pork chops not so much.

+  That is about it.  Hopefully I will have something to talk about soon or I will have to shut this blog down.