Monday, January 15, 2018

Winter Weather Advisory

Winter in Texas.  It's a mystery.  The last two winters have barely visited us -- very mild, no snow or ice.

Welcome 2018.  We are having our second winter weather advisory of the year.  The first gave us 15 minutes of snow.  The second is current.

We aren't having anything YET but mid-afternoon it is to start raining changing over to sleet and snow around 8 p.m.

I will post photos if it really happens.  I am doubtful but remain cautious.  We went to the grocery store yesterday because I have learned to be safe rather than sorry and you can't, absolutely can't, weather a wintry mix without extra bathroom tissues, milk, bread and cookies.  Thank goodness it is Girl Scout Cookie season and I have five boxes.

Later this afternoon, before the weather comes in, we will be having our Christmas gift exchange with our son and his family -- better late than never I suppose.

The morning will be spent packing more of my mother-in-laws belongings for donation and continuing to unpack our own boxes in our new house.

It has been incredibly busy at Brinkley Cottage.  Perhaps a  "snow day" would be a good thing -- binge watch movies, drink hot cocoa, fire in the fireplace -- maybe that is the purpose of these incredibly cold days -- a way to make us slow down.  I am up for that.