Saturday, February 17, 2018

Rainy Saturday

It is a chilly, rainy Saturday here at Brinkley cottage.  The rain is suppose to stop by about noon.  We need it because the threat of grass fires has been great of late and we have had quite a few.  Scary things to watch, for sure.

Our day was supposed to be going to our other house and continuing to move boxes of things.  We are down to a manageable amount -- we just need to get it done now and I was hoping the weather would cooperate today.  Maybe later this afternoon. 

Yesterday I had the baby granddaughter, Emily, here for a while.  She is three and loves to be read to.  I found it very poignant that I was reading her books that were originally her father's.  Funny how that is -- when we are small we never think of people outside the realm in which we know them --like our parents were never 3 years old! 

If I  don't go to the other house I am not sure what the day holds except that the Bean is going to be here for the night.  She is into watching the Buddies movies -- the ones with the big golden retrievers -- and I think she has watched all of them.  Two or three times.  So, we might have to see what the current offerings are. 

I guess I will have to start taking Aleve again for my knees although I really don't like it but it seems to be the only thing that really reduces the inflammation.  I bought some new shoes -- skechers slip ons.  Not sure about them so I am only wearing them around the house right now until I see if I need to return them.  Oddly, they are quite wide and I am wondering if I needed a half size smaller but then I fear they would be too short.  Like I said in the previous post, I think I would be more successful with wearing the boxes.

Well, I have nothing earth shattering to report or comment on.  Deeply saddened by the events of the week -- it just casts a black cloud over everything.  So, I guess I will go have a bit of breakfast and get on with the day.  Hopefully I will get a bit livelier later today and have more to talk about!