Sunday, March 18, 2018

Spring Break -- Installment Two

After we left Little Rock we headed to Memphis.  We saw the Mississippi River but we didn't see Graceland.  We did, however, see Margie's 901 Ice Cream.  It was really good and really expensive but not as expensive as the parking -- $13 to park the car for about 30 minutes.  That is highway robbery!

It is a locally owned shop featuring homemade ice cream and cakes.  It was delicious and I would recommend it if you are in the Memphis area.

Leaving Memphis we were back on the road to Nashville.  We got there in time for dinner which we ate at Jim 'n Nicks -- a really nice barbecue place with these ---

These were the most luscious cheese biscuits I have ever tasted.  The food overall was exceptional and I would definitely go back to this place if I am ever in the area again.

Shortly thereafter Bean fell asleep at the table and we headed off to the hotel for a good night's sleep -- I love Marriott's beds -- I always get a good night's sleep there.

The next morning we set out to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and what fun that was! It was raining and miserable outside so this was a great place to spend half the day.

Entrance to the exhibit

The main exhibit was Loretta Lynn

In the Taylor Swift Educational Center the kids could do crafts -- Bean did a backstage pass!
We ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant in the Country Music Hall of Fame and it was rather odd -- Mexican food in a very American museum and all they were playing was 60's British rock music!  Very odd, indeed!

So, after lunch we headed to the Tennessee State Museum.  It was a lovely museum that reminded me of the Institute of Texan Cultures.  However, by the time we got there my knees were done and I sat most of the visit and missed quite a few things, like their quilt collection. 

When we finished with the museum we decided to look for dinner.  The weather was horrible, flooding, deluge rain.  It was not a pleasant day -- it only got worse.

Headed back to the area of the hotel we had a car accident -- a person lost control of the car in the rain, slid in front of us, my daughter was braking but hit them anyway, they did a 360, bounced off the retaining wall and came back to hit us two more times.  We were fine but there is damage to the car. Unfortunately the driver of the other car was taken to the hospital.

We finally found dinner at Olive Garden.

Returning to our hotel room we learned that there was a chance of snow that night.  I figured it wouldn't.  I was wrong.  It snowed.

We left the next morning and I have to say I couldn't get out of Tennessee fast enough.

Next installment -- Savannah!