Tuesday, April 03, 2018

You Are What You Eat? I Don't Think So

While I am working on my next Spring Break installment I decided to post a small little snippit here about food.

You are what you eat?

I don't think so.

After the Girl Scout cookies were gone I decided to break myself from the cookie habit. It is the last bad eating habit I have.  I don't generally eat cake or pie and never bake them and with a diabetic hubby, I don't buy candy, so my bad eating habit is cookies and they needed to go. 

I didn't eat a cookie for a full month.  I felt so much better -- noticeably so.  Then I fell off the wagon.  I have eaten cookies again -- not in the same amount and not as often but I have eaten them in the past and I could feel a huge difference in how I felt.

So.......back on the wagon.

And you know, with all those cookies you would think I would feel all sweet and nice but no, I felt all grumbly and cross and bogged down. 

Therefore, no more cookies.

Back to Spring Break and the new book series I am reading!