Monday, May 14, 2018

Little Women

Did anybody watch the Masterpiece Theater (PBS) adaptation of "Little Women" last night?  I waited for weeks for it, I was so excited!  Seems my neighbor decided to talk on his ham radio last night which caused a good deal of interference with my antenna so it was a dicey viewing.  I was upset.

Aside from that, however, it was very enjoyable.  It was much different than either of the movie versions I have seen multiple times in my life.  The casting was was well done.  None of these girls looked like glamour queens (i.e. Elizabeth Taylor) -- they all looked quite representative of young women the ages they were playing.

I am always interested in settings when I watch anything.  I like to look at the backgrounds of photos as well.  It was filmed in Wicklow, Ireland which I find to be a bit strange.  To be such an "American" story, I would have thought it would have been filmed in Massachusetts where the book was set.  The setting is gorgeous, as you would expect, but the viewer (if watching such things) gets the feeling that the setting isn't quite right.  It is beautiful however, so no points lost there.

Angela Lansbury does a bang up job as Aunt March.  She defies her age.  It was a treat watching her in this role.  I still watch re-runs of "Murder She Wrote" so I am a big Lansbury fan.

I completely enjoyed this show -- despite the interference from the annoying neighbor --and am looking forward to the second part next week.  All of this and the Royal Wedding as well!  It will be a good weekend.