Sunday, August 12, 2018

I Used To.......

I used to love to shop for clothes.  Eh, not so much.

I used to love to shop for shoes. Pointless with wide feet.

I used to love to shop for jewelry -- ok, I still shop for jewelry.

I used to love to eat sweets.  Well, broke that addiction -- bummer.

I used to love to buy makeup.  Well, two things happened.  I got sick and felt the need to detox my life and go a bit more natural and less chemical laden.  And...I got old and guess what, girls, what works at 20 or 40 just doesn't work at 60.  So,  I have systematically thrown out all the chemical laden makeup and explored the natural brands.  Some are good, some not so good but the general concensus is I do better without much of any of it.

That sent me on a journey to find natural, non toxic skincare because we all know what is UNDER the makeup is what matters.  The natural stuff is good but it is good and pricey too.  I happened upon a brand called First Aid Beauty and it has been really good for my skin.  It is moderately priced and I have been using it for a while and have been happy.

However today I was doing a bit of browsing waiting for the ice and aspirin to kick in for my painful hip joint so I decided to look at other non toxic lines.  With all the sites I saw, I never saw FAB listed so I googled toxicity and I was shocked.  It hadn't been on EWG before but it is now and I was shocked that some of the stuff I was using was in the #9 range.  Ok, so the general thought process is -- at 68 years old do I really need to worry about that?  Probably not but I do.

So, I decided to explore more DIY solutions.  I found a recipe for honey facial cleanser.  It was easy.  It was honey.  You could add a little milk or cream, mix it up and wash your face.  I thought, ok, I have the ingredients so let's give it a go.  It was great.  I didn't have on any mascara so I don't know about removal of that but my face felt wonderful.

I have normal skin that tends toward dry so I looked for a toner and what do you know -- I had it in my hand.  The website said "brew a cup of green tea and use a cotton ball to apply to face".  Well I had just had a cup of green tea and I had just enough left in the cup (it was cold by now anyway) to do this.  It was nice.

Then I applied some of my MyChelle Vitamin C serum and I itched.  I didn't put on any moisturizer and just put on my makeup  which is so minimal it almost doesn't exist.   I use Mineral Fusion powder foundation, thrivecausmetics mascara and a little blush from Pacifica.  I use tinted lip balms.  See what I mean about minimal.  But, the more I put on the older I look so there you go.

Yesterday after we were watching a documentary of Acorn about railway journey's through Britain with Julie Walters.  They were visiting a dairy farm in Scotland and Ms. Walters was shocked when her hostess said that she was 61 years old.  I promise you that she didn't look anywhere near 61.  She explained that the udder cream that they use on the cows works wonders on her too!

So, what did I do?  I let my fingers take me straight to Amazon where I promptly ordered some MooGoo Udder Cream.

It is on it's way.

So, I am thinking I might try the honey/cream facial cleanser, Thayers Rose Witch Hazel for toner if I need it and this udder stuff for a moisturizer.  Maybe skipping the Vit C serum as I am still sort of stinging.  I might keep the Burt's Bees Micellar water for the mascara if the honey/cream doesn't work on that.  

Right now I am doing so many things with so many products that I would like to pare it down but want to keep it natural.

So, what do you think?  Washing my face with stuff from the kitchen and using cow stuff on my face?

I will let you know!