Friday, September 07, 2018

MooGoo Revoo-- again

A little while back I did a review on a product called MooGoo Skin Milk Udder Cream.  I didn't give it a very good review and I am here today to fix that.

At the time of the first review, I had exfoliated my face with a microfiber cloth and then applied this.  I think I was a little aggressive with the cloth and perhaps irritated my skin a bit so when I put this on it started itching after a while. 

So, I put it on my list of "itchy" things, stated that in the review, and put it away.  After a few days I decided to try it again.

I absolutely love it.  No itching, no greasiness that takes forever to soak in and it makes a wonderful makeup primer.  The only thing is that the fragrance is, well, not great but it goes away quickly and the after effects are worth it.

I really do love all the First Aid Beauty products I have been using for quite some time now.  They feel posh, they feel comforting, they come in really cute packaging and they cost a bundle. 

I had worked up to using at least six products twice a day with a couple of others for special occasion thrown in.  When you buy it all at the same time, it makes sense that you run out at approximately the same time which means a hefty purchase when you need to replenish. 

So......I have been looking at what I did before FAB came into my life.

I used Dr. Bronner's bar soap on my face -- it is non-drying and it is full of good oils and I never had a problem with it.  I bought a bar of the baby soap at Sprouts yesterday and started using it last night.  It felt fine.

Then, for a toner I used to use rosewater.  So, I picked up a bottle of Heritage Rosewater at Sprouts.  I used it last night and it felt really soothing.

Then, the MooGoo.

Nothing is going to get rid of the little wrinkles and things that I am, now, very aware of.  But, I need products that make my skin comfortable, don't break the bank, and are readily available. 

Have I totally abandoned FAB?  Probably not -- I really like it -- but we will see how the new routine goes.  Sometimes I think you can do too much to your skin as well. 

At least the MooGoo doesn't really make me itch.