Monday, October 08, 2018

Sometimes I Think I Am Losing My Mind .....

I have been going through a bit of a stressful time recently.  My husband is having sleep issues and my mobility has been not- so- good for the last year with a lot of pain and clumsiness.  I am not sleeping well for sure so maybe fatigue is the problem and not that I am getting trippy.


We moved into this house just about a year ago.  It is a comfortable house and works well for us even though it needs some work that we are gradually getting done.  It isn't behind a wall with a security gate but I haven't felt unsafe here at all.  I haven't heard odd noises or sensed odd things until the other day -- twice it seems like I have seen something move out of the corner of my eye.  It is like a white blur.  The next day I walked into the bathroom and found a penny laying on the floor.  Finding things on my floor isn't anything new -- I could vacuum and sweep every single day -- but a penny, on the bathroom floor, out of nowhere.  It struck me.

Then today the hubs and I were at the neighborhood office supply and I got tired of standing in line so I told him I was going to the car.  I was aware of a person behind me - a female, very attractive and well spoken.  She said hello and asked me how I was and I explained my sore knees and how the weather changing seemed to bother them and we chatted as we walked to my car.  I thought she was going to get in the car next to mine but when I got to my car she asked my name and I told her and she told me hers -- Autumn Joy -- and she asked if she could pray for my knees.  I assured her she could even though I find these sorts of encounters to be awkward but she was so nice and seemed so unthreatening that I wasn't really uncomfortable.  So, she said she would and I thanked her and got in my car completely expecting her to get in the car next to me but she didn't -- she turned around and walked back into the store. 

It all seemed a bit surreal to me -- she sort of came out of nowhere and seemed to be completely focused on me and our conversation and when it ended she just went back in the store.  I don't think she was a store employee -- I didn't see any signs of that -- and I don't really know where she came from but she made and held eye contact through the whole, short encounter.  It felt very strange, indeed. know what I am thinking, right?