Friday, November 02, 2018

Thoughtful Post -- Random This and That

The seasons are changing.  The time is changing (yuck).  Things are getting cozier.  I am looking forward to Christmas. 

Halloween was quiet.  We had a spaghetti dinner at my daughter's house.  It was raining so we didn't think any trick or treating would be going on so as we ate we watched "Harry Potter".  Alas, the rain stopped just in time for the Bean to hit a few houses right next to her and she made a rather large haul.  Here she is in her regalia -- what else would you expect with a British Dad? 

Hermoine Bean
 Last week we had the Brownies first backyard camp out.  It was organized chaos.  There was good food, good friends,  a nice fire and a really good bunch of girls.  Here are a few highlights.

setting up camp in my backyard

 hot dogs with the grill meister -- our troop Grandpa

activity stations -- the wind chimes are adorable -- more pictures later

Our campfire -- so enjoyable

I have been doing some cardmaking but I have nothing completed to show.  I have been doing a lot of coloring in preparation and mental planning.  I have seen so many good examples that I don't really know what I will come up with.  I am looking forward to getting started though.  

I am reading a book called "These Is My Words".  It is written in diary form and is the story of Sarah Prine, a woman living on the Arizona frontier, her family and her life.  It is a compelling book, I don't want to put it down, but it is really brutal in places.  I am not done but I already recommend.  It is really good.

So, that has been my week.  I have just about recovered from the camp out.  Just for complete transparency -- I did NOT sleep outdoors, on the ground, in a tent.  My idea of camping is a hotel with at least a complimentary breakfast and a bathroom.  But, I did enjoy the campfire.  We might actually do it again.