Friday, November 23, 2018


Good morning! Today, here in the US, is Black Friday -- the day after Thanksgiving, the retail day that causes people to run amok shopping "fantastic deals" to obtain lots of material goods -- after spending a day being thankful for all they already have.  It is laughably sad.

I don't participate in Black Friday.  There is nothing in the world I want bad enough to fight the crowds of people who are overtired, haven't digested the food from yesterday and are generally disagreeable. Not my idea of a good time.

However, I do want a set of antlers and a Rudolph nose for my car.  I saw them a few days ago and passed on them, now I want them, but I will wait until the crowds are down -- or maybe tomorrow -- to see if there are any left.  If there aren't, I can certainly do without. If I get them I will post a photo -- and one of the embarrassed hubby who doesn't understand why his ancient wife would want to dress up the car.  I can't explain.

 Anyway, I started out this morning reading blogs like I always do and there were several from my British friends concerning Thanksgiving.  One, in particular, brought my mind around to gratitude.  I remembered that I had started a gratitude blog a while back -- quite a while back -- and I decided to resurrect it and make short entries each day as to what I found to be grateful for.  Full disclosure, this will be a religious faith based blog so if that isn't something you might be interested in you might just want to pass.  However, I feel compelled to write this blog for myself, to remind myself of all that I have been given and if it is helpful to anybody else, then so be it.

I have already written a post today and I invite you to visit Diolch -- loosely translated Welsh for "gratitude" -- I think.  Diolch won't be  discussed here -- two different focuses and two different vibes but I am using this time and this place to invite you to visit Diolch if you so desire. There is a link down the side of this page.

So, with that said, I am going to start my day by finishing picking up from the Christmas decorating and get read to go hunt for those antlers/nose! Wish me luck.