Sunday, November 25, 2018

Have I Ever Told You About Autumn Joy?

We all have things happen in our lives that are unexplainable.  We all have things happen to us that get our attention and that we revisit in our thoughts trying to figure it out.

I recently had a similar "thing" happen to me.

My husband and I were at the neighborhood office supply store.  I am a bit mobility challenged these days -- more some days that others -- and this particular day I was sporting my cane.  I have a love/hate relationship with that thing but that is another post.

My husband was checking out and since I had been standing as much as I thought I could I excused myself and said I would meet him at the car.  As I approached the exit I sensed a person behind me. I glanced behind me and it was a rather tall, nicely dressed lady.  I apologized for being in the way and slow and she struck up a conversation.

We chatted about getting "old" which she clearly wasn't -- I would say early 40's but it was hard to tell, maybe younger.  It was a nice chat as she walked along with me to my car.  I assumed she was getting in the car next to mine as she walked with me all the way to the car.

As I turned to open my door and get in the car, she asked if she could pray for my knees.  It was then that I looked at her, REALLY looked at her.  She was tall, slender, dark complected with short hair.  She had a beautiful face and really beautiful eyes.  I am not one to look people in the eye, really, especially people I don't know but I couldn't help myself, her eyes were really pretty.

So, anyway, she asked if she could pray for my knees and I said sure, I could use all the help that I could get and she asked me my name.  I told her Melissa and she said "ok, Miss Melissa, I will pray for you".  I asked her her name and she looked at me, with the enthusiasm of a little child and said, with a big grin and a look of joy-- "my name is Autumn Joy".  I guess I can imagine somebody naming a child Autumn Joy -- not different than naming December babies things like Merry Carol and Noel.  However, it seemed almost contrived--like she just thought it up.

I thanked her and we parted ways -- I fully expected her to get in the car next to me but she didn't.  She turned around and walked back into the store.  It was then that it occurred to me that she didn't have a handbag, a name tag, any sort of identification linking her to the store.  It was just her. 

I wasn't afraid of her, I felt quite at peace talking to her, I didn't feel that the situation was odd until after it was over and I thought about it.

Who was this  person?  What was she doing?  Where did she come from?  I will probably never know -- I haven't been back to the store so I don't know if she is an employee there or not.  I have no clue.

So, thoughts?