Thursday, November 29, 2018

Card Making

I have been making greeting cards lately and have been enjoying the process although the area around my table looks like a complete disaster.  No photos to document, however. 

I have been doing Christmas cards but had the occasion to make a birthday card for my daughter in law.  I am never going to be so skilled, or have enough supplies, to create these gorgeous, over the top cards I see on the internet but that is ok because part of my desire to make my own cards is to keep them simple.  I have a problem with commercial cards because they have too many words.  I often buy blank cards  for that very reason.

So, I broke from my Christmas card creating to do this --

I made the envelope to match and then learned that it is against post office rules to use heavily printed envelopes.  It was fortunate then that I saw the recipient in person and could just hand it to her.

I was pleased with the way it turned out.  I have been buying paper packs at Tuesday Morning and love how they all coordinate.  Makes it much easier.  Next up, along with the holiday cards, is my son's birthday.  I will have to go through my packs and see what I have that is masculine.  Or silly.  Silly usually works!

So, that is my latest creation.  I can't show the Christmas cards yet because they are going to a few people who visit here and that wouldn't be fun.