Monday, December 10, 2018

Monday, December 10

Today is the 10th day of Advent.  It is flying by which makes me sad because I am really having a good Advent.

What makes this Advent any different that any other?  I believe attitude.  Things are different for me this year and I am not sure why but my priorities are changing and I am taking a good, long look at my habits and seeing where some changes need to be made and I am making a plan to change them.  I am not looking long term, though, I am looking one day at a time.

The first thing that I have changed this year is shopping.  I decided that my gift giving would not require me to enter a mall, buy wrapping paper or find the scotch tape.  That decision has made me infinitely happy.

My husband and I do something a little different for each other and we have done this for a couple of years.  I buy what I want and he buys what he wants -- with a limit, of course -- and then we open each others gifts.  Silly?  Yep.  But it is fun and we usually buy online so we don't wrap, we just stick a bow on the shipping box.

I have multiple health "issues" -- they sort of all build on each other -- it is like skipping a rock across water and the ripple effect that occurs.   None of these issues are life threatening yet but could be when I get old.  Hahahahaha -- she laughs maniacally.

So, I was reviewing how I spend my time.  The majority of the time I am sitting with my computer on my lap.  I complain I have no time for exercise or devotions.  I am my own worst enemy.  So, I decided to make a mental list of the things I want to do that I feel like I don't have time for and this is what I did.

I let my computer battery die.

??? you say?  Well,when I get up I make a cup of tea and then plug the dead computer.  It takes a while for it to recharge so I take that time to read my devotional and start my day in prayer.

The devotional I am using is called "Jesus Calling".  It is a collection of dated, daily devotional readings.  I need to do more but this is a start.

The next issue is exercise.  My knees are bad which is in turn making my ankles bad.  I need to exercise.  I have a little peddler that I sit in a chair and "ride" so I after I got up this morning and read my devotion I limped upstairs to ride the "bike".  I am not even thinking about tomorrow, I accomplished it today and that was the goal.  Living one day at a time -- I understand it is a good thing to do.

I am reading a book by a favorite author, Jennifer Chiaverini, titled "Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker".  I am not enjoying it.  It is a lot of military history and I am finding that boring.  I won't give up on the book, it will be the last of my challenge for the year, I think.  I might manage to squeeze in another offering in the Made In Savannah series -- the new book #11 but they are easy reads.  I am also reading a book recommended by my granddaughter.  It is part of the I Survived series and is titled "I Survived the Attack of the Grizzlies, 1967".  Yes, it is for ages 9-12 but I don't mind telling you it is well written and more than a little scary.  Not something I would have picked up at age 8.

A few months ago I tried "keto" with my daughter and managed to eliminate sweets from my diet.  I have a huge sugar craving -- maybe not a true addiction -- but a definite preference.  I decided to introduce a few cookies back into my day and bam! will power gone and the sugar taking control again.  I need to work on that so starting today I am fighting the urge to grab a handful of Hershey kisses as I walk by the kitchen.  Again, one day at a time.  See if I can get through today.  I bet I can!

Ok, my allotted computer time is up, my second cuppa is gone and now I am off to the kitchen to deal with dinner early.  That is another bear I need to wrestle -- food prep.  Let's see what I can come up with today!

Have a wonderful day!