Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday, December 14

On the 14th day of Advent -- there is a Girl Scout Christmas party.  Our troop grew from 7 to 17 this year so this was no quiet little affair.  It was big and noisy and messy and these girls are so much fun.  With that I will share the photos of the evening.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the food which was abundant.

Our fearless leader -- pumped and ready for the shindig

The Bean Tree

Tasteful decor

Surprise gifts from our fearless leader

A quiet moment for two of our Brownies before the festivities begin

An unexpected, but welcome, guest

the gift table

The pottery projects from the trip to the pottery studio

A short meeting

bad lightening but more of the short meeting

lining up for food--and there was so much of it. 

chow line

Tuppy, our resident Elf, decided to show up for the event

Such a good group of little girls -- it is a privilege to be able to work with them 

And here is our fearless leader after the fact

 After the food and the gift exchange the girls had voted to decorate cookies and watch a movie.  They were all pretty droopy by 8:30 but I think it was a good time for all.