Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Wednesday, December 19

It is the 19th day of Advent and....

it is trying hard to rain.

I have done nothing today but wash towels.

I did make a couple of cards --

I have learned a lot from making these cards this year.  I have learned a little patience.  I have learned some about planning and balance.  I have learned that glitter paper is evil.  I have also learned that they need to be mailed to the UK in August to arrive in December.

I have enjoyed making the cards and am
honing in  on my style which is pretty simple.  There are a lot of lovely things out there but I am just a simple person and it shows in my cards.

Now I can start on my birthday stash considering I have January birthdays to acknowledge.  At any rate it is good fun and I enjoy doing it.

So, the rest of the day just involves dinner, more towels to wash and picking up "stuff" that has migrated all over the place. 

This part of Advent has been very uneventful.