Saturday, January 05, 2019

January 5,2019

Today is the last day of Christmas.  Tomorrow is Epiphany.  It was a wonderful season.

However, things are getting back to normal whether we want them to or not.  I didn't post yesterday because I had some errands to run and by the time I was done I was pooped and I crashed.

Today was spent going to our old house and taking things to the donation place.  We didn't get much done but I am hobbling around and not much help.  We are at that point that we sort of need to just throw it all away, all the little stuff that is left.  It is time.

I have spent the day thinking about clothing and how our lives change our needs.  I don't need to remind anybody who has been here for a while, that I am having arthritis issues that now are complicated by ankle issues.  So, I did some looking at shoes-- yes, orthopedic shoes -- it hurts to say that, yes, it really does.  Especially since I have a Tieks mind!  But, I did order a pair of rather homely shoes called Sanibel by Orthofeet.  I would show you a photo but it seems they won't let me copy it.  Anyway, we will see how they work.  I suspect that part of my problem is that I insist upon wearing shoes with absolutely no support.  But, isn't it all about the cuteness factor?  No?  Oh.

So, all the shoe shopping let me think about my clothes.  I don't wear heels anymore but I do wear cute flats.  I wear lots of slacks and jeans.  I have a problem with tops because t-shirts aren't my "thing" -- I much prefer shirts or blouses.  So, I follow a blog that will remain nameless and the lady has good advice -- if you are very small and very rich -- which I am neither.  So, I was sort of devising my own take on her advice.

Then, I happened upon another blog giving an idea of what sort of things, in what amount does one need to create a reasonable "wardrobe".   I do know what "works" for me, what I wear repeatedly and what I find comfortable so I think I should start there.

I no longer like prints in tops.  I much prefer solids in whites, blues or grays.  I like things tailored and I like colorful jewelry and accessories.  However, with that said, about the only purse I carry anymore is a Longchamp tote in gray or red.  They are so fantastic -- and they zip! A necessity for people like me who tend to drop things.  Here is one similar

I also did some looking at makeup a few days ago.  I miss mainstream makeup since I have been using "natural" makeup for several years now.  I was drooling over the Clinique website when I noticed that all their products are paraben free now.  I dumped my entire makeup drawer, headed for Ulta and bought all new makeup.  I don't use foundation anymore and I do use Thrivecausmetic mascara so I bought some blush, eye shadow and lip balm all in the chubby stick line.  I love it.  And now my makeup drawer is clean.

So, I am making a move to do the same thing with the closet.  I have a good list of what I need to make a good wardrobe for myself --and I don't really need to buy much except a couple of blouses.   What I need to do is get rid of what I don't wear hanging up.  I have a bunch of shirts that I bought a while back and they are all way, WAY, too big.  I just didn't bother to send them back.  My bad.  But they are all a hopeless wrinkly mess and have to be ironed with lots of steam and lots of spray starch and I just don't think I can continue with them very well.  So, the closet is getting a good clean out.  I wish I could consider it fun but I don't.  Oh well, I will like it better when there is only stuff in there that I will wear. 

So, yeah.  That is how my year is starting out.  Trying to be productive.  Trying to finish that book!  One day I will and you will all be surprised!