Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Mayhem and Matrimony by Hope Callaghan

I just finished reading book #11 in the "Made in Savannah" cozy mystery series by Hope Callaghan.

It is the latest in the ongoing story of the Garlucci family who moved from New York to Savannah to escape their "family" connections. Carlita Garlucci, the main character, is always finding her way into some sort of an uncomfortable situation with some mystery to solve.

And she is getting really good at it.

With a cast of secondary characters -- Mercedes, Shelby, Violet, Elvira, Reese, and the Garlucci boys -- there is always a lot of activity and close calls.

These are great little books -- murder mysteries, yes, Mafia connections, yes, but there is nothing off putting about them.  They are very sterile and just a lot of fun.

I definitely recommend.