Wednesday, March 27, 2019

If It's Not One Thing It is Another.....

my aunt used to say that all the time and it appears she was a very wise and knowledgeable little lady.

It happened again Saturday morning.  We were just getting into our day when my husband walked into our study to look at something, came back to ask me a question and discovered he couldn't speak.

He has an evil sense of humor and I thought he was playing with me.  Upon further observation, I discovered he wasn't.

We got dressed, called for an ambulance and headed for the hospital -- one that specializes in stroke care because he was exhibiting all the classic symptoms of a stroke.  Oddly, however, he walked in, got dressed, combed his hair, brushed his teeth, gathered his wallet and other items, put on his shoes and socks and waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Halfway through the 20 minute drive to the hospital the situation resolved itself and he was speaking plainly, laughing, talking about our granddaughter and signing papers.  Immediately upon arrival they started doing stroke assessment tests and he had no deficits and never experienced any symptoms again.

He was tested, MRI'd, CT scanned, walked, prodded, drained of blood, questioned (raise your eyebrows, stick your tongue out, follow my finger, touch my nose, now touch your nose, what is happening in this picture I am showing you) and assessed.

He was sent home yesterday without restrictions.  We had lunch and went to Target. 

The most bizarre situation I have ever seen.

Why did this happen?  Probably an acute blood pressure spike incident.  Diabetes that is not well controlled could have been involved. 

So, meds have been changed and fiddled with.  We are now following a diabetic exchange diet which we have never used before so it is a learning curve for this old brain but not too terrible.  We are visiting with our family doctor today -- I am sure he isn't going to be happy with us but oh well. 

His blood sugar (my husband, not the doctor) has been falling very low in the mornings.  He has also been having some rather disturbing symptoms of a sleep disorder.  After watching what went on in the hospital I was beginning to conclude that the sleep disturbances were due to something physiological -- oh, say, blood sugar that is too low.  So, I asked the neurologist and she assured me that it could most definitely be connected.  I asked the dietician (who looked like a 12 year old) and she also assured me that the blood sugar issues could, in fact, cause such symptoms.

So, we are now on an exchange diet which is proving to be a bit of a challenge for me.  However, I saw a huge difference this morning.  He woke up normally and, even though he wanted to go back to sleep, he had his wits and control enough to make himself get up and get busy (I mean, seriously, NOBODY wants to get up do they?) and his blood sugar was a much healthier number which just sort of proves what the doctors said.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't tired.  I am but I am so very thankful that this wasn't worse than it was.  I am thankful that the hospital was specialized, that he was thoroughly tested and we have the opportunity to try to get things under control.

I have said that I think this was a blessing in disguise, God's little tap on the shoulder to say "hey, Al, you need to get your stuff together, you just ain't living right".  While that may sound silly or extreme to some, it is what I believe. We are blessed.

God is good ALL the time an God's way is the right way, ALL the time.